11 Best Google Adsense Alternative Of All Time

Do You Know Even I use to search on the internet about the best alternative of Google AdSense all day long when I have not got the approval of Google  Adsense since after trying so many things I really got frustrated and i started searching for Google AdSense alternative so that I can earn some dollar from my contents and finally I do get the best alternative of Google Adsense?

But after using few out of them I stopped using that because the first priority and important thing which matters for me is the user experience so again I started applying for google Adsense and this time I got it, when I got the mail from google Adsense team I was like OMG, wow. 

But still, many pro bloggers think affiliate marketing is better than Google Adsense but for me, affiliate marketing is a good choice and google Adsense is also a good now let me justify my statement.

If you have a good product and service to promote and have a unique style of writing article then you can probably do affiliate marketing and have a huge earning potential on the other hand google AdSense is also good in the sense you will get a consistent income.

You can ready my google adsense guide on how to get google adsense approval 

So now let be begin with best google adsense alternative that I have pickup for you.

11 Best Google Adsense Alternative Of All Time

#1. Media.net

Google Adsense Alternative

What I believe from my experience is media.net is somehow more strict than Google Adsense in terms of approval it’s like we Indian when compared two things with the quite same value we use to call it as 19:20 that’s exactly what I mean to say.

If you have good traffic then there is a very good chance of getting approval from media.net and more important part is you get very quality ads, as well as media.net, is a property of yahoo and bing.

So apart from traffic, you should also post regularly and should have your own content any copy contents will reward you with the rejection of the application.

You should also have the necessary pages in your website or blogs such as privacy policy, disclaimer, disclosure and few more but this 3 page is top most important apart from that 

You should also have good navigation of your website as well as you should use good themes for showing your ads properly.

Language can also be a barrier if your blog is in English then its great if your blog is not in English or if you can write proper English then your application will be rejected

Check out Grammarly which will help you to improve your English

And there are some other parameter as well which can you should consider as well 


#2. Propeller Ads

11 Best Google Adsense Alternative Of All Time 1

When it comes to how hard or how easy is to get approval from propeller ads so let me tell u it’s very easy to get propeller ads approval in fact its extremely easy to get approval. But in terms of quality of ads propeller ads are nowhere like Google Adsense or media.net plus sometimes I use to get offended by the types of annoying ads they serve still propeller ads is worth using if you don’t get Google AdSense approval.

Propeller ads are perfect alternative of google adsense as because

  1. There are no minimum traffic requirement criteria is there
  2. You don’t need an impressive website design to get approval from propeller ads

Propeller ads were founded in 2011 and they have a wide range of publishers and advertisers with 1 billion active users with top-performing ad formats.

There are four types of ads you can use in your blog

  1. Push Notification
  2. One-click ads
  3. Native ads
  4. In page push ads

They also have many e learning material where you can learn about how to get most out of propeller ads

Propeller ads Knowledge Center

#3. Pop Ads

11 Best Google Adsense Alternative Of All Time 2

Pop ads are very good when it comes to how hard or easy to get approval and in terms of customer support pop ads give you instant approval for your blog or website so that you can make it a money-making blog.

The dashboard and user interface is very easy to clear to understand the types of ads you are going to have in your blog or website are follows





Floating Banner

Push Notifications

But again you are not going to get quality ads as you get in google adsense and media.net I will recommend Pop ads to those who have entertainment type blog or website.

Try not to put pop Ads in your main website or any education type or blog because people will come here to learn so with pop up ads your visitors might get distracted and ultimately can affect your website.

#4. Amazon Associates 

11 Best Google Adsense Alternative Of All Time 3

Amazon associates is outstanding platform to earn money and you can earn higher amount then any other platform listed above but for that you need to convert your visitors into amazon customers what I mean to say is you will not be able to earn money by impression you need to make sales.

You can put the native banner ads in your blog or website and each time your visitors click on the ads and then purchases something on amazon no matter it is for example if you are promoting a smartphone someone clicks on your banner and then goes and purchase laptop rather then smartphone you still get a commission you get a straight commission fee.

This is an outstanding feature for amazon associates

#5. Taboola Native Advertising

Google Adsense Alternative

Taboola has eligibility criteria and the eligibility criteria are you need to have a minimum page view of 500,000 if you want to get started.

It is one of the popular and most widely used platforms that offer a 100% fill rate across any geographical location and has a ton of fancy features, including promoted product listings, in-feed units, customizable widgets, and much more.

3 Main places where you can effectively use taboola are as follows

  1. Google’s ‘sponsored’ search area
  2. Social media and networking websites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the sorts)
  3. Personal website

#6. AdCash

11 Best Google Adsense Alternative Of All Time 4

The thing which I like about ad cash is they have aAnti Adblock Technology which means that website visitors with enabled Ad Blocker will still get to see ads on your website or blog this is because ad cash manages to bypass adblockers to increase your earnings.

It allows you to add different types of add from pop-under ads to standard display ads and also if your website is outside the USA you can still monetize your content and traffic with respect to your geographical location. 

Don’t worry if you don’t get an approval of Adsense there are a lot more things lot more ways you can earn money from your blog or you can monetise your blog and in fact, there are many outstanding ways you can earn money and you can earn better then Adsense you can do affiliate marketing and out of the 4 above I can recommend you that you can go with amazon associate program or you can join media.net as well.

#7. Infolinks 

infolink google adsense alternative

When it comes to in-text advertising Infolinks is the best advertising platform out there With InfoLinks, you can create effective video and banner ads.

Utilized by over 100,000 websites and blogs around the world and operating in over 128 countries, including some of the leading brands such as Netflix, Virgin Airlines, Netflix, and many more,

The Best Part of info link which I like is it super duper easy to monetize any website easily while maximizing engagement and not ruining the style of your website.

To get started with infolinks what all you need to do is just copy and paste the HTML code on your website.

#8. Revcontent

11 Best Google Adsense Alternative Of All Time 5

 Let me directly come to the good point of rev content and the good part is rev content is designed in such a way that it matches the look and feel of your blog content. Revcontent offers ads in formats like display, mobile, and video and These ads are highly targeted so that it helps them blend in on your site’s pages. 

When it comes to the eligibility part I.e how to get the approval of revcontent then it is highly selective even more so than Google AdSense. To apply successfully, your site needs to report at least 50,000 monthly visitors and generate valuable content on a regular basis. 

The rejection rate is a little bit high so make sure you fulfilled all the criteria before applying but it’s worth a shot for Revcontent’s promise of higher engagement rates. Publishers are paid monthly, and the minimum payout is $50

#9. RevenueHits

11 Best Google Adsense Alternative Of All Time 6

The good part of revenueHits is there is There’s no minimum traffic restriction to get started with RevenueHits which is a great part for newbie bloggers, the minimum payout is very low that is $20 if you complete $20 you can withdraw the amount from your account via PayPal and Payoneer moreover it also selects the best place for ads on your site.

Things Which I personally don’t like is performance-based, not cost-per-click. This means that you won’t earn money from clicks alone. To generate revenue for your blog, visitors need to click your ad, then complete specific actions on the advertised website but the good thing is These actions vary by the advertiser, but are always less attainable than a simple click.

#10 Viglinks

11 Best Google Adsense Alternative Of All Time 7

It is perfect for a blog which is linking out to a business or e-commerce site. The VigLink concept is unique and is quite different from all the google Adsense alternative listed above because with Viglink you earn money by making affiliate sales.

Viglink works great when you have outgoing links to business or product pages such as a fashion store or Amazon and Flipkart.

The best about Viglink is that it’s incubated by Google and is a very SEO-friendly ad program and Even if you don’t have outbound links but you are using money-related terms like Apple, iPhone, etc., Viglink will automatically add links to these words, and you will end up making pretty decent money.

#11. Skimlinks

11 Best Google Adsense Alternative Of All Time 8

Skimlinks is the best alternative of Google Adsense as well as VigLink so if you are looking for best alternative of Google Adsense then you can use skim links to get a commission for an affiliate it works almost same as VigLink.

 Skimlinks converts your outbound links into affiliate links, and you earn money whenever a sale occurs, so the chances of higher revenues are there as because you are not getting revenue for clicks but you are getting a cut of the profit from a sale done through your link.

So that’s it for this article this are all the best Google Adsense alternative I have found out please let me in the comment section which one you are going to pick from the top 11 and if you have any doubts feel free to contact us.

FAQ Section

Who pays more than AdSense?

Media.net is often referred to by some as the best Google AdSense alternative and highest paying option in the industry. This network comprises of both Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Is infolinks better than AdSense?

AdSense has a number of ad formats like text ads, image-rich ads, matched content ads, video ads etc. The ad quality in the Infolinks network is standard, the ad relevancy is very poor due to a comparatively low-quality keyword scanning algorithm.

What does PropellerAds pay per 1000 views?

PropellerAds minimum CPC is only $0.005, and minimum CPM is $0.01 which is one of the lowest prices both per visitor (click) and per thousand impressions on the market.

What is the minimum payout for Google AdSense?

Each time you reach the $100 threshold you can transfer your amount directly in your bank account.

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