How Answer the Public are the Answers to Content Ideas in 2020

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What Is Answer The Public?

Answer the public is an effective and outstanding free as well as paid blogging tool or you can say keyword research tool where you can generate hundreds and thousands of keyword ideas and as result, you can turn those keyword ideas into content ideas so I use to term this tool as a content and keyword idea tool as you simply see on the blog post thumbnail. only thing you need to do is put a keyword or a topic and answer the public will do the magic for you it will bring tons and tons of keywords and content ideas starting with Question, Preposition, Comparison, Alphabetical and many more.

I really love this tool as because I don’t need to brainstorm my brain answers the public do take care of that hehe sound cool! right and moreover you get lots of features and that’s for free if you want to take full advantage then you need to subscribe to their pro plan.

Now let me come to the point how can you use answer the public tool.

How Can You Use Answer The Public Tool (Step-By-Step Guide)

  1. Head over to Answer The Public scroll down and you will see a box where you just need to put a word or a keyword or any topic and then answer the public will do the rest for you will get lots and lots of content and keywords ideas and accordingly you can plan to it. Let me show you with screenshots how can you start using Free answer the public tool.
Answer the Public review

Put the keyword in the search box and click on the get question button and you are good to go.

2. The search result for your query will Show you many data’s and ideas and the ideas with questions, preposition, comparisons and alphabetical.

I believe most of the search query in google search or youtube come with “How to” so you will get a lot of ideas and questions which begins with “How To” and the good part is answer the public provide the data in a very nice way, chronologically and with proper sequence.

How to use Answer the public

You can see from the above screenshot that how well and nicely the data and ideas have been presented by Answer The Public you can download the CSV file or you also have the option to take this data’s and ideas in an image format and you can simply save the image.

3. Now If You see the below screenshot Answer the public is showing you the result related to preposition which includes “for” “is” “to” and many more etc now you can see from the below screenshot that you will get the keyword and content ideas with a preposition.

answer the public blogging tool

4. Now below are the data and content ideas of comparison, if you want to produce content and you want to compare the term blogging with something else and you don’t know what then Anwer the public has the answer for your question. And you will get the comparison searches which people are looking for.

If you want to see the data in bullet format and you are not comfortable with the large visualization you can do that as well.

answer the public blogging tool

5. And lastly, you can also get all the keyword and content ideas alphabetically as well starting from A and ending with Z.

blogging tool

You will get all the above things which I did mention for free now what are things you can get in pro plan let me that things and points as well one by one.

You can also watch my YouTube Video On How to use answer the public tool.

Feature of Answer The Public Pro Version

  1. You can Have Unlimited daily searches in pro version but in the free version, you have limited daily search.
  2. Many times what happens is with time the search results also change, for example, Maybe Keywords get modified what I mean to say is a particular keyword which is getting searched by the user in 2020 doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be searched by the user in 2021 for EX: Keyword such as Cornovirus may get less searched in 2021, so in Pro version, you can compare the data as well.
  3. You can also get location-based results in the pro version.
Answer the public free tool

4. You can also get Priority customer service, High-resolution images, Unlimited team members, hide unwanted and individual suggestion as well.

Answer the public free tool


Answer the public is an effective free blogging tool and you can use and utilize this free tool If You have a blog or want to start a blog or want to start a youtube channel. Moreover, if you are solo marketer, digital marketer or SEO professional then this tool is perfect for you. what I will suggest is Use the free tool first if you think its adding advantage or giving value then you can consider purchasing the Pro plan of the tool.

A great blogging tool so with time I hope Answer the public will add more feature to it and will add more value to it as well.

So that’s for today article I hope you have enjoyed this piece of content (:

Till then


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