5 Best App For Video Conference

5 Best App For Video Conference

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I was really looking for a solution and the best app for video conference where I could handle my small team over video conference but WhatsApp video call then Facebook messenger video call was not the solution which I was looking for some versatile and the best app for video conference which should have a lot of features ranging from chatting, sharing of screens, sharing and muting of the audio of my team members, if someone has some queries so I was looking for a solution where without speaking he or she can raise his hands without disturbing the flow of the video conference was also looking for recording solution as well.

Because you know WhatsApp video call and messenger video call was not professional it was simply made for video hangout with your friends and family. And after a whole lot of research, I found these 5 best video calling software and it has solved the solution which I was looking for.

5 Best App For Video Conference / 5 Best Video Calling Software

5 Best App For Video Conference

#1. Zoom Video Calling Software

Zoom is the best app for a video conference in them and personally I use this tool for my work purpose if I would have to teach and show anything to my team this video calling app is the best out in the market though there have many rumors which have gone around the world so there is not the thing which I am going to discuss don’t worry (:

Zoom is very popular worldwide many big corporate use this tools as well.

For example, byjus is one of the edu-tech company based out of India which uses this software and I was associated with the company for a while and once the CEO of the company while taking video conference in zoom said that no matters what the world is facing or going through we will not have any impact over it as because we are online edutech company and asked us that was it possible to make a conference with 1 lakh + people offline so effectively but we did it online and these are the reason I always tell you that make a presence online and easiest way to do that is by starting a blog.

So let me come straigh to the feature of zoom video confernce software.

Feature Of Zoom App

  • Zoom cloud is an online meeting app with plenty of features including video conferencing, crystal clear audio, instant messaging, screen sharing, etc. The maximum people can join together in this virtual meeting Up to 100 people in with free of cost.
  • Zoom meeting app continues the video conferencing with over 200 million daily users during pandemic situation but it faced security issues known as zoom bombing. So the zoom cloud responded by adding waiting room features to avoid this blunder.
  • It provides certain advantages such as- change the background of the user, mute audio and turn off the camera, mute & unmute mic, learn handy keyboard software, share screen, turns on beauty filter, records the meeting.
  • Zoom providing a virtual meeting platform that is free of cost but that shall not be more than 40 minutes and participants not more than 100 people at a time. To increase the timing and participants in this meeting must be paid for such as pro plan at$14.99, business tier at $19.99and enterprise plan at $19.99 up to 500 participants can join.
5 Best App For Video Conference 1

So to get started with zoom video calling app you just need to download the application from play store or apple app store thats it its very easy to use.

How To Get Started With Zoom Video Calling Software.

  • Simply download the app and then let me show you how can you start a meeting to do that you can either click on the link if someone is sending you invitaion for joinng or else if you want to send invitation to your team members then click on the meeting tab and simply copy the invitation and then clcik on the start button that’s it.l et me show with the screenshots below
zoom video conference software

Once done you just need to allow or admit your participant to be in.

#2. Google Meet Video Calling Software

Google Meet is the best app for video conference earlier stages it was known as Google hangout meet but it has renamed as Google meet. Google hangout meet offered video conferencing with up to 30 participants in 2017. But during the pandemic situation in 2020 google meet offered an advanced feature to users and it hits 100 million users in a day.

Feature Of Google Meet

  • Google offering free meet calls but only have a single host with up to 100 participants. It cannot be allowed to stored business calls and data to be used for advertisement targeting. Free meet calls have no time limit, but that will be limited to 60 minutes starting in 2020. For security purposes host has a right to deny entry & remove users during a call.
  • It has several packages such as $6 per user per month for 30 GB of cloud storage, $12 per user per month for unlimited or 1 TB cloud storage, $25 per user per month unlimited cloud storage, enhance security, management operations. All these tiers can accommodate up to 250 participants at the same time.

How To Get Started With Google Meet

  • Its very simple just go to google meet and then you can either start a meeting or join a meeting by entering the code let me show you through the screenshot below.
google meet software

#3. Microsoft Team Best App For Video Conference

Microsoft team is also the best app for video conference and this is a platform that combines workplace video meetings, file storage, message transferring, audio conferencing, and application integration with 300 maximum number of people that can join together at the time of the meeting.

In sept.7 2017, Microsoft released Microsoft teams which replaces ‘Skype for business’. In 2019 Microsoft announced that Microsoft teams reached 20 million active users, on the other hand in March 2020 during the pandemic lockdown situation it has been hit 44 million users in a day.

During March 2020 at the pandemic lockdown situation, Microsoft offers to its users along with IT professionals who can access Microsoft teams for 6 months totally free of cost doesn’t matter their business is or isn’t licensed. Microsoft offering three tiers such as business essential, Business Premium, Business enterprise in terms of $5, $12.50, $20 depends on the tier.



Stable released

7sept. 2017


Collaborative software

Operating system

Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, android

Feature Of Microsoft Team

  • Microsoft team provides advantages to users such as video conferencing, audio calls, message transmission, at the same time communication integration with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. It also facilitates to users that they can record past meeting & notes.
  • It also has features such as calling, instant messages, worm remotely. distance learning, apps, and integration, health care, education, etc.
  • One thing which I like personally in this Best App For Video Conference is you integrate different apps which will be very effective for professionals.

How To Get Started With Microsoft Team

Simply Click on the signup for free option and you are good to go

microsft team Best App For Video Conference

#4. Go To Meeting Best App For Video Conference

Go to meeting is the best App For Video Conference and competing online platform for video conferencing, screen sharing, file transferring, meeting recording, transmit of the message. Go to meeting has 14 days freemium offer after that users have purchase tiers which have three editions such as professional, business, call that can be supported 150, 250, 3000 participants at a time. Packages start from $12.00 per month and it has no time limits for the meeting.

Feature Of Go To Meeting

It has an almost identical feature which the above platforms have but let me put down below some key feature which you are going to get in go to meeting app

Share your desktop, smartphone or tablet screen quickly and securely from anywhere.Conference Calling

Integrated Voice over IP conference calls that saves you time and money.Video Conferencing

Change the dynamics of the meeting with face-to-face HD video conferencing.Mobile Conferencing

Start an online meeting from your mobile device right away and keep it going.Meeting Recording & Transcription

Record your meetings in real-time, take notes, mark action items, and share them after the meeting.Conference Room Equipment

Hardware bundled with professional, user-friendly video conferencing software in one simple kit.

How To Get Started With Go To Meeting App

Simply Click on the start for free button and get the 14 day free trial

go to meeting app

#5. Skype Best App For Video Conference

skype video calling app

Skype is a Telecommunication application that offers video chat, voice calls, showing images, transit massage. Maximum 50 participants can join together at the time of video conferencing on Skype. It initially released on 29 August 2003.

In August 2015 , Skype had estimated over 300 million active users in each month. In March 2020, the monthly Skype users was 100 million & 40 million people used daily basis.

Microsoft bought Skype in May 2011 and it implements a freemium business model where Skype to Skype calls are free of charge and calls to landline or mobile phones are chargeable. Users not only use for business purposes but also talk with family members.

The company recently launched ‘meet now’ features which allowed to create meetings and shared the links with others and attendees don’t even need to install Skype app, they can open the link on browser & join the meeting without making an account.



Online meeting is the biggest platform nowadays to interact between two or more people from different locations. So various kinds of established especially IT companies adopted this system for recruitment, selection, provide training, business meetings, online sales & promotion, digital marketing, meeting with clients, meeting with employees, and so on.

Online meeting is continuously increasing because it has various advantages such lack of time & cost consuming, doesn’t require any physical meeting room, people can interact from different locations, and flexible to work.

Among all this 5 Best App For Video Conference my personnel favorite is Zoom to be very frank I have used all this 5 app for video conference but trust me the flexibility, the functionality, the ease to use, zoom video conference app have no other app or software have in my point of view. All are best but when I come to compare the rest 4 with the zoom I will surely make the winner to the zoom app.

So that’s it for in this article I hope you have liked and loved this article if you loved the article don’t forget to drop a comment down below.

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Kazi (:

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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

What is the best way to video conference?

best app foe video conference

The best way for video conference is you know you can use the top 5 softwares which I have mentioned already that is No 1. zoom number 2 is google meet number 3 microsoft team number 4 is gotomeeting and number 5 is skype among these 5 Zoom app or zoom software is very much effective for video conference so you can use zoom for video conference effectively and efficiently

Which app is best for group video calling?

best app foe video conference

The best app for video calling is no doubt zoom side by side you can also use google meet as well as Microsoft team.

What is the best video conference system?

best app foe video conference

The best Video conference software is no doubt gotomeeting and zoom so I will recommend this 2 app for video conferencing it is the best app for video conference because zoom allows you to share your screen so you can teach as well from zoom because you can screen share also you have a white board also where you can discuss many things with your team members zoom is very effective when it comes to number of people you can add huge number of people in zoom as well as well as in gotomeeting

Is zoom better than Skype?

best app foe video conference

For me zoom is better to Skype as because zoom has much more functionality as compared to Skype, Skype has also got whole lot of features but when you compare Skype with zoom so for me zoom is the winner because when it comes to video conference with your team members you have a lot of functionality for example screen share white food and many more functionality.

What is better than zoom for video conferencing?

best app foe video conference

So if you are looking better than zoom so you can consider going with gotomeeting which is in premium softwares you will be not getting a lifetime free option in gotomeeting you will be getting 14 days free trial you’re looking for an alternative of Zoom then go with gotomeeting or google meet but for me zoom is much better than everyone right now in the market

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