How Did Best Free WordPress Plugin Become the Best? Find Out.

Best Free wordpress Plugin
Best Free WordPress Plugin

10 Best Free WordPress Plugin

My Experience Story

So Before Knowing Best free WordPress plugin, I would like to share you a small thing You know what when I learned How to start a Blog I was really happy that I have learned to blog and I know everything about blogging now but trust me after purchasing the domain and web hosting Service when I started building up my blog I realized that my sentence “ I Know everything “ proved wrong simply because I was unaware of many things. Now, this is the stage where I have  started facing many problems a few doubts and problem which arises in my mind are :

  1. How I will secure my blog from hacking
  2. Best SEO Plugin for WordPress
  3. How to submit my blog in the search console
  4. What are the best Social sharing Plugin for WordPress
  5. And many more.
How Did Best Free WordPress Plugin Become the Best? Find Out. 2

Now I don’t want you to face a similar type of problem and this is when I thought to write this article for you

Trust me WordPress plugins are really great and powerful to make your blog look more professional.

Now below are the best and necessary WordPress plugins you should have in your blog.

Generate Press Theme

generate press

 It’s a Theme though I have mentioned it as because its also important to know what exactly a  blogger should use  This Theme is really great and if you will check its review many bloggers will also recommend you to use Generate Press theme as because this theme is very lightweight and simple to use, Search Engine optimized, Mobile friendly etc.

But if you are looking for huge customization  for example like you want your own header colour of your choice then you can either do 2  things either you do some coding or you can either go for their premium version as well

So Customizing is something which Generate press had restricted which I think is a drawback as well in their free version but if you know coding then you are good to go.


Jetpack Plugin

Now there is a lot of debate and a different opinion on jetpack Plugin some top bloggers tell it’s a best free WordPress Plugin, the top blogger says it makes the blog absolute slow. Now I am using the free version of the Jetpack plugin and don’t seem and feel any problem as of now in my blog, I am also going to do a review of Jetpack Premium version as well and I will let you know how it.

As a blogger, I believe we need to try and use many tools as possible and give your honest opinion about the product and services that’s what blogger is meant for.

Now I like jetpack as because this single plugin can work as multiple plugins now why I am saying it can work as multiple or all in one plugin as because you are going to get

1.Analytics Dashboard

2.Wordpress Security

3.Daily automated Backup For your website (In Paid Version)

4. Traffic And revenue – You can Monetize Your Blog Immediately With Wordads No Approval required and you can start monetizing your blog.

5.Site activity

6.Image Optimization – You Can Also Optimize your images as well now optimizing images is very very important and the reason is if you don’t optimize your images then there will be huge pressure in the server and your website speed score will fall down drastically still if you are Looking For Alternative for Image Optimization Plugin then you can go with ShortPixel which is one of the best plugins for image optimization.

But Please Note that the Jetpack plugin and short pixel plugin doesn’t work properly together. So keep in mind Use any one plugin out of one at a time.

Please refer to the screenshot below to get a brief idea what exactly you are going to get

So what I believe is if you use this plugin then you can skip a few plugins because this plugin acts and works as a multiple plugins.


How Did Best Free WordPress Plugin Become the Best? Find Out. 3

Now if you already have installed Jetpack Plugin then you don’t need this Plugin as I already told you jetpack is a multiple plugins so they spam protection as well. if you don’t know let me tell you Jetpack ,Akismet, Famous WordPress all is a product of Automatic Company.

So Akismet is a free plugin which is Only Specialized particularly for spam protection.

   What Does Spam Protection Really Means In simple language

  Website spammers are usually trying to divert traffic away from your website by posting legitimate-looking comments and pingbacks to trick visitors into visiting suspicious affiliate sites.

It’s completely free and Have There premium version as well which is absolutely cheap.

So you can definitely try it out.

Yoast SEO

This is one of the best free WordPress plugin, important, and necessary plug-in for your blog or website and I call this as an off-page SEO buddy so if you don’t the types or you can say elements of SEO then let me tell you that there are 2 elements of SEO no1  is one page SEO 2 is off-page SEO

And this plugin helps you with complete on-page SEO now if you want to know complete details about SEO then you can watch the video below.

But please note Video Is In Hindi

So this plugin will help you in optimizing your on-page SEO which includes Title, H1, H3 and so On, Help your writing your meta description, Focus keyword and many more and the best part is it not only help you to write but also will help you in improving your Article by giving you a really in-depth suggestion and the suggestion which they will give is really easy to understand and many things are easy to implement as well.

So they will indicate your blog post in 3 way

  1. Green Signal- Which Means your on-page SEO is good
  2. Orange signal- Will signify that’s it’s Okay
  3. Red signal- will indicate its Poor

Moreover, the work of this Yoast Buddy is not restricted to On-page SEO only but this plugin also helps you to submit your blog in Search console .ie in Google, Bing, Yahoo search console. And there is a more cool feature as well which I will mention in the Review of Yoast SEO Plugin.


Updraft Plugin

Now hackers are everywhere, technical issues and glitch are also a part of this whole new world of technology. You have Done hard work writing blogs and creating your website day and night and you probably never want to lose all the data you have created isn’t it So what You should do is you should use this free plugin and start having a backup with just a click I called this plugin as my backup buddy.

So You have Plenty of option to backup your data in Dropbox, Google Drive and many more

So backup is not only to secure the date from hackers, and from any technical Glitch but it also recommended that whenever you make an update to your Word press Software and Plugin make sure that you do backups before updating them.

Now let me show you the difference between the Free and Premium Version Of Updraft with the single Screenshot below

If you are a newbie you better start with the free version and then when you have huge data then you can go for the premium version.

Monster Insights

Monster Insights Plugin

This plugin will help you know your traffic source which is quite handy and the best part is you can get all in your dashboard in a single click if you have multiple publishers in your blog so you can  (a) get exactly which content gets the most traffic, so you can analyze and optimize it for higher conversions

(b) You can also get to know your organic search report: how people find your website, which keywords they searched for, how many times the results were viewed, and more

(C) if you have an e-commerce store you get a report for that as well: total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top products, top referral sources and more.

(D)  in the dimension tab, you will get which of your authors generate more traffic, Which Post, Categories, Keyword type is performing better.

(E) the signup forms, contact us form will have insights data now in your monster insights dashboard which form has how much of conversion etc

(F) in the real-time dashboard, you will get to the active visitors who are currently on your blog etc

 All the feature I listed above is on premium version except the overview you can only get the overview of your traffic in the free version.

I will only suggest you go for the premium version when you start making money from your blog if you are a newbie I will suggest you do all the analysis of your traffic in your google analytics for free. And moreover, the monster insights plugin takes your traffic report from google analytics itself but the only thing which I like about monster insights is their ease to use interface their user interface is very easy to use and understand.

Wp forms

WP Form Plugin

I really like this plugin for is easy, simply drag and drop feature, You can Embed This form in your contact us page.

You have plenty of forms us form

2.Newsletter signup form

3.suggestion form

4. blank form

In free feature also you can embed forms but you can’t connect with your email provider except for constant contact you have to opt for the premium version if you want to connect with MailChimp and many other email providers.

Best simple, light plugin to build your email list.

A Good Plugin for a newbie.

Add This

add this plugin

Now its very important to have a social sharing buttons in your website or blog if people are liking and loving your blog definitely they will share your blog or article but do you think that they will copy your URL and then share your article  absolutely no you should have social sharing  buttons ready so that they can share your article on a go let me tell you that jetpack plugin have also social sharing button so you can put the jetpack social sharing button as well but I will not recommend because jetpack social sharing button will be there in a particular position lets say in button or top of the article as user scroll the article the sharing buttons will not be floating but in add this plugin the social sharing buttons will be moving with the us

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM

So if you are looking to have a Multiple Plugin in a single plugin here we go Hubspot CRM Is one of them we have just talk about Jetpack Plugin Which works as a Multiple Plugin similarly Hubspot CRM is as same like that.

  1. In Hubspot CRM you get To Embed Live Chat Feature so that you can directly interact with your customer this tool also help you to collect lead i.e email address into the live chat section using the bot.
  2. You can also Automate message in the chatbox
  3. You can Create Pop Up forms To collect Leads as well
  4. If you to the dashboard you can get all the conversation with the customer as well and the best part is you can also get to know where you have got the lead have you got it from Chat Box or Popup Forms and from where the traffic came from If you see the screenshot below you will see I got one lead from direct traffic from Search Console.
  5. You can also get a whole lot of features like automation, email campaign in their premium section.

But I will suggest if you have any product and services and people really want to know more about your product and services, then you might use this plugin but if you have a blog only then it’s fine to not have the plugin.

W3 Total Cache

How Did Best Free WordPress Plugin Become the Best? Find Out. 4

Want to Make your site Faster, Want to have a good page speed score, want to rank higher then here you go cache plug-in is a must, a necessary plug-in for everyone.

Now you might what cache plugin is for?

So let me tell you that The caching plugin instructs the server to store some files to disk or RAM, depending on the configuration. Therefore, it can remember and duplicate the same content it’s been serving in the past.

 As a result, your web pages load much faster, directly from the cache.



So the 10 best Free WordPress plugin which I have briefly discussed above is all-important and necessary plugins and it comprises of all types of the plugin so definitely you should check out the plugins and you can install the plugin which you thinks is relevant and important for you but almost every plugin is important here if I go more specific then Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, Updraft, Jetpack this plug-in is something which I will recommend you to install and use you will really feel so ease with this plugin and this plugin is my personal favorites as well.

So let me know in the comment section below which among the best free WordPress plugin do you like the most.

I will really love and appreciate if you do comment in the comment section below

I hope you have liked and loved the article

Cheers (:


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