5 Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins 2020

Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins

My Experience Story

I was really thinking from a long time that how will I manage the internal links, the post pages which I already have how do I manage them, how do I enter the relevant internal link in the another Post with each other because every time I used to write the post I go in-depth in my content writing I don’t think much on internal linking and that is where my thought came in why should I not get best internal linking WordPress plugins which can automate my internal links which can promote my existing pages or the existing post which I already have.

Every time I write content I want to be focused on content writing rather I don’t want to be focused on internal linking as because when I write, I write my experience I go in it in a deep thinking process and write my articles that is my Mool Mantra.

Digital Marketing is also about automation so why can’t I make my internal links automated so every time I write a post or every time I write something new I don’t need to bother about internal links the automatic internal linking plugin WordPress should automatically get my internal links done

And this is the reason I will be discussing in today’s article 5 best internal linking WordPress plugin so I have used almost all this plugin and among that I will be listing my favorite one in number one position and then I will be going accordingly.

Benefits of Doing Internal Linking

So before i start writing about the 5 best internal linking wordpress plugin I want to inform you that

  1. linking is one of the elements of on-page SEO ok so if you don’t do proper internal linking Optimisation and if you don’t do a good internal linking Optimisation which is a part of on-page SEO so you are missing a big opportunity where you can lose much traffic when I am saying traffic that means you can lose much Organic traffic as well.
  2. Internal linking also allows the audience or your visitors to take some action if you are writing something and if you’re putting some other links over your post or pages then you are informing your visitors or your subscribers or your followers that you take that action ok so you are making the audience you are guiding the audience to take some action or to go to some other pages or post.
  3. You are also letting your visitors know your website better because when someone is coming to your website and you are taking them two or more pages or post that means they are interacting with your website or he will be getting a chance to interact with your website if you just only write content or are you just only write a post so most probably what will happen is the visitor will consume your post and will bounce back and will go to go back to his work right so if you with the best internal linking WordPress plugin you also have the opportunity to take your visitors to another page and then to other page and so on and so forth this way you can keep your followers or your visitors engaged.
  4. I would also like to inform you that if someone is coming to our website and his bouncing back by only consuming a single page or post then this goes a bit negative effect in the algorithm of Google search console ok that means Bounce rate is also a factor of Search Engine Optimisation if your followers of visitors are not interacting with the website or are consuming only one post and is going back to his work then this goes in a negative effect on Search Engine Optimisation and you there might be a possibility you can lose money organic traffic as well.

5 Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins

So Here are the list of 5 best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins

#1. Internal Link Juicer WordPress Plugin

Internal Link Juicer WordPress Plugin

Internal link juicer is one of the best internal linking WordPress plugin out there in the market you might think why I am saying is the best internal linking WordPress plugin is because the features the benefits which internet link juicer is giving in its free version no other plugin gives this much benefit there are many other internal linking WordPress plugins as well but it charges a lot but this plugin has a lot of features in its free version as well and if you take the premium version which is very low cost you are getting more premium features.

This plugin works very very well this plugin is so clutter-free so if you are a beginner blogger you can also use this plugin because you will be getting step by step tutorial after you install the plugin. Just need to go to the plugin section in your WordPress dashboard and add a new plugin and then search for internal link juicer you can also go to their official website internallinkjucier.com take a copy from there as well.

So I don’t need to make any tutorial on internal link juicer as because after installing internal link juicer you’ll get a step by step tutorial on how to use internal link juicer.

The only thing which I will show you is How to add keywords when you are writing post suppose I am writing this post ok so on the right side of the WordPress dashboard you will see an internal link juicer section where you need to add keywords of that particular post so I am writing this post best internal linking WordPress plugin so I will put this keyword “best internal linking WordPress plugin” in the internal link juicer section or you can add multiple keywords and this way automatically internal link juicer will work for you. Let me show you the screenshot below.

5 Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins 2020 1

So when you write some other post and if you use this keyword “Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugin” and this post will automatically get linked on that post.

You can watch the video below on how to use internal link juicer.

#2. Link Whisper WordPress Plugin

Linkwhisper is a popular link management WordPress plugin, which helps in improving WordPress SEO. It utilizes an SEO technique called “Internal links SEO” to expire the SEO link juice from one page to a different. Additionally, it helps bots crawl your website effectively.

Link wish per plugin is in the expensive side and if you go through the free version of linkwshiper plugin you hardly get any good feature so for me the free version is absolute of now use but yes the premium version of link whisper is magic yes you heard it right it’s an magic you might ask why?

And the reason is link whisper helps Automatic Link suggestions as you type, Fix Keyword Cannibalisation and many more.

Benefits & Features of Link Whisper Plugin



It is very smart and Powered by artificial intelligence so whenever you start write article Link Whisper starts suggesting relevant internal links.

Also if you have many articles in your blog already you can just go to edit page option and link whisper will start showing relevant internal links as well.



If you Have thousands of article which has no internal links and if you have ever wondered that you will put internal links to those articles and then its only possible with link whisper.

You can just as quickly click “add” new internal links TO those articles with very few internal links pointing to them.



I have already discussed the feature in the first Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins the same feature you get in link whisper as well Simply input the keyword you want to build links from and then specify the URL you want those links to go to.



Link Whisper makes it extremely easy to see all your broken internal and external links.

You can also quickly edit or remove any broken links within Link Whisper.

#3. Interlinks Manager

Interlinks Manager is an internal linking WordPress plugin that provides a set of tools to help you build internal links on your website or blog.

With This interlink WordPress plugin you can analyze and find out the numbers of internal links on your website or blog you can also track how many people have visited through your interlinks to other relevant posts or pages.

This plugin also let you calculate the link juice for each pages.

#4. Rank Math WordPress Plugin

Rank math is a very popular on-page SEO plugin so if you don’t know let me briefly explain to you that rank math is a free WordPress plugin where you can do on-page search engine optimization and let me tell you briefly what you can do with rank math.

  • SEO Analyzer.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking.
  • Rich Snippets.
  • Automated Image SEO.
  • Redirection Manager.

Now talking about internal linking Rank Math scans your post as you write and suggests other posts from your website for internal linking. This makes internal linking easier.

You’ll find ‘Link Suggestions’ on the right side of the editor.

5 Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins 2020 2

You can copy the link from the link suggestion box and insert directly in your post.

#5. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin is the same functionality plugin the rank math SEO plugin is now this is also the best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins and from this plugin, you can do internal linking as well.

Here yoast what does is it analyzes your text and then suggest you all the related contents links which is relevant to the article you are writing its almost identical as rank math SEO plugin, in the sidebar you will get a “Yoast Internal Linking” section where you will get all the suggestions.


If you take my recommendation I will suggest you or narrow down the 5 best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins to 2 Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins and number one you can use the internal link juicer plugin if you are looking for free internal linking WordPress plugin and number two if you are looking for some premium feature and if you are ready to pay some dollars then you can go for link whisper plugin.

So what I will suggest is take action right today right now and install any plugin you like why I am saying is because it’s very important to manage your internal links and its very important for your blog as well.

Thats it for the article stay tune with me to get the latest blog post updates.



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