Best keyword research tools for YouTube

Best keyword research tools for YouTube 1
Best keyword research tools for YouTube

5 Best keyword research tools for YouTube in 2019

Blogging and Vlogging

Best keyword research tools for YouTube: Blogging and Vlogging is something similar and dissimilar to each other Ask me How? It’s similar as it both provides information and knowledge we search for some queries and we get a result isn’t

And its dissimilar as because the form of contents comes in different ways what I mean to say is we get content in the form of articles in blogging and we get content in the form of videos in vlogging but both provide information.

Let say we have searched “ what is Digital Marketing “ in Google and same in YouTube as well so we will get tones of result in the search result but do you know the search volume, search result competition, keyword bidding  is different in both the platforms and here is why the Need for keyword planner for YouTube came into existence.

You know what initially when I was new to the world of blogging I didn’t new the difference of both and I used to use keywords from Google keyword planner in my YouTube Video and ultimately I didn’t get any result you can find my YouTube channel here.

we have many keyword planner tools for blogging but what about keyword research tools for YouTube. And this is the reason why I have written this article Now let’s have a detailed discussion on the 5 Keyword Research tools for YouTube in 2019 and this is as follows:

1. TubeBuddy

Free Keyword planner tubebuddy
TubeBuddy: Free Keyword planner

I am using Tubebuddy for the last 7-8 months and I am really happy with their insights data , Tubebuddy is one of my favorite and best tool . I will not say that if you use tubebuddy your videos will fly high in the sky but definitely you can get some helping hands from tubebuddy to rank your videos higher .

Note: To be very frank and based on my experience keyword research tool will definitely help in doing SEO for YouTube .But the real truth is there is Algorithm of YouTube which is Somehow selective bias HEHE and the reason why I am telling is until and unless your video are Unique or something you know totally different from others , video which are not there in YouTube  so you can definitely expect some return from YouTube but if video are not different not unique then you are struggle a lot .

I have seen many you tubers with great skills but you know what they struggle and I have seen many you tubers with little skills they have lakhs and millions of followers I hope you will agree.

Even let me share you a small incident before some days one of the you tuber Let say X whom I follow went live and someone asked her a question who do you follow on YouTube and she said the name let’s Say Y  and I have also searched the youtuber whom she follows i.e. Y and Guess what I have seen? You tuber Y had only 28000 Subscriber and know you tuber X who follows you tuber Y have more 1,50,000 Followers yes this happens in YouTube.

Now let me make you happy  in one sentence ((: “ Any video can go viral “

Now you might think why I am sharing this and the reason I want you to know the bitter truth ,now this was totally based on my experience you might agree or disagree.

Now come straight to the topic

 Now you may ask me why tubebuddy ?

And the reason is

Tubebuddy will help you in doing Search Engine Optimization which will further help you in getting some views and subscriber but you will not get all the keyword ideas you will be limited to 3 keywords if you want all you can get Pro Paid version with affordable Price.

Free Keyword Planner
Keyword Explorar

2. Tubebuddy can also help you get insights  You can get to know the keywords of your competitors what I mean to say is you can see every keyword your competitor is using and you can save the keyword as well.

How to Use competitors Tag
Competitors Tags

You can explore the keywords the search volume, competition, optimization strength of the keyword as well.

How to Know The volume of search of keyword
Keyword Search Volume

Moreover, you can generate thumbnails, put end screen and can do many more with the help of tubebuddy.

So I will suggest if you are you tuber or planning to be then immediately Download and install the tubebuddy Extension and if you are completely new then you can opt for the free version and as you grow opt the Pro Version with their affordable pricing

Tubebuddy Pricing
Pricing Of Tubebuddy

Download Tubebuddy Now

Download TubeBuddy Now


vidiq interface

I feel tubebuddy and Vidiq are similar to each other but they are you know different company . Why I am telling they are almost similar is because :

1.They are both YouTube certified

2. Tubebuddy and Vidiq are both browser extension.

3. There user interface is also almost identical to each other

Vidiq is cheaper as compared to tubebuddy what I mean to say is there prices for different plans are lower as compared to tubebuddy but you get additional feature and extra benefits in tubebuddy.

You Can See the pricing Below

Pricing of vidiq
Pricing of VidIQ

VidIQ extension is only limited to chrome browser which is something they need to improve but whereas if we talk about tubebuddy it had multiple browser extension .

If you are already using this 2 tools Definitely let me know in the comment section below which is the best keyword tool among this above 2 according to your view.

Youtube Studio

Youtube Studio Beta
Youtube Studio Beta

Studio Beta Itself helps Us In getting  keyword suggestion which is known as auto keyword suggestion let me help you with a screenshot so that it get clears right and you know what we often ignore the auto keyword suggestion which comes automatically when we type keywords so let me tell you that the keyword which comes next below  to the search query is the highest search keyword after the keyword which you have written in the search query.

Auto Keyword Suggestion
Auto Keyword Suggestion

So YouTube auto keyword suggestion  is somewhat you can consider .

Now I will request you  to head over to  the YouTube studio beta and I will show you how you can optimize the existing keywords in your existing video or in the next video

Now when you will click the  YouTube search query the list of all the keywords which your video ranked will be listed below . Now, you need to optimize your video title, description and tags based on these queries. And moreover if you see a query and your video is not explaining that part, that is the idea for your next YouTube video.

Analyze the Keywords
Analyze the Keywords

The YouTube Studio beta is very powerful to that compared with the classic studio you can also consider the other analytics as well such as Traffic source, Geography, ViewerAge, Viewer Gender, Please refer to the attached screenshot below.

YouTube Studio Beta Analytics
YouTube Studio Beta Analytics


Ahrefs Interface
Ahrefs Interface

It is a great platform when it comes to SEO. It doesn’t only help you with Keyword research it has different useful and instant helpful tools you can think about and of the tool which I like is the Broken Link Tab in ahrefs i will talk about this tool in details later.

you know seo is not limited to Keywords , seo is a broad factor. Seo have different elements or you can say SEO comprises of following factors


2.Long Article ( in Case of blog)

3.High Quality content

4.Market Trends

5.Engagement (Time)

6.Location based keywords

7.Local Business


9. On page SEO

10. Off page SEO

Now you might me thinking why I am telling the web search seo factors ? And the reason is you know ahrefs had both keyword planners for web search as well as For YouTube Search as well.

And Ranking of YouTube Video Depends on :

1.Watch Time

2.Keywords and proper Tags


4.Luck ( This Is not official ) ((:

What can you do with this tool?

Tools and Features

  1. Competitive analysis

2.Keyword Research

3.Backlink research

4.Content research

5.Rank tracking

6.Web monitoring

The Things which I like about ahrefs is they have detailed information about a particular topic or say keyword What I mean to say is let say you have searched for What is PPC and you will get the result in terms of

  1. Ranking
  2. How Many social share the article got
  3. Domain Rating and referring domain
  4. Organic traffic and many more.

And their biggest drawback of ahrefs is they don’t have any test drive ((:  Which means they don’t have any trial version or free version.T he only thing they provide is a 7-days trial version with 7 $. If you want there 7 day trial version you have to pay 7 dollar.

Ahrefs Trial Version
Ahrefs Trial Version

It should have a free trial version which most of the platform gives and moreover their regular plans and pricing is very costly as well which is very difficult for a newbie to purchase their plans. Sad )): Worried )): Don’t Be I have good news for you but till then you have to wait for a month.

Plans and pricing of Ahrefs
Plans and pricing of Ahrefs

Future Gift ((: : I will refer a website where you can get access to ahrefs with few dollars so till then stat tuned (:

Keyword Tool

Keyword tool Interface
Keyword tool Interface

This is the final and last one as of now

Keywordtool is you know not particularly specialized for YouTube search but it’s a part. Again this keyword planner comes with limited access in the free version .

In free version of keywordtool you will only get few  keywords access with no search volume competition nothing.

Surprisingly when I have searched for “keyword planner tool for YouTube” I didn’t get any data (Look at the screenshot below)

keyword tool Planner
keyword tool Planner

When I have removed the Word “tool” I got few only few keywords.

Keyword planner tool free
Keyword planner tool free

Now you will be thinking Why I Have listed Keyword tool in the list? And the answer is very simple you know  “something is better than nothing”. You are getting the keyword research tool free for few keywords.

Keyword tool Pro for YouTube is a paid version where you should get the following features :

  1. Keyword Tool Pro Uses The Most Relevant Source Of YouTube Keywords Available Today

Accurate Search Volume EstimatesYou also get the keyword which are uncover and hidden in the free version

  1. Access to Keyword Tool Pro features for 5 other supported search engines
  2. Others

They Have 3 Plans which are attached below

Plans and pricing of Keyword tool
Plans and pricing of Keyword tool

So this was the 5 tools for keyword research

Let me know in the comment section below which one are you using or which you intend to buy. Now let us go to the conclusion part now


If you consider my opinion or point of view you can go for Tubebuddy and the reason is also simple this Tubebuddy extension is specially crafted for YouTube keyword research only specialized for YouTube keyword research tool . You can try their keyword research tool free version if you get some value then you can go for paid version as well which is affordable on the other side.

If you still need some more budget-friendly keyword research tool then you can go for VidIQ which is somehow cheaper or less priced as compared to tubebuddy.

Again the only reason I am recommending this two is for their specialization these keyword planner is only crafted for YouTube.

That’s it

I hope You Have enjoyed the article. If you have any queries and doubts you can feel free to contact us.

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