Best 20 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

20 Best Free Google chrome extension for bloggers
20 Best Free Google chrome extension for bloggers

20 Best Free Google chrome extension for bloggers

My Experience story

As a blogger you need to be multitasker let me Term the phrase “Multitalented” Now you may ask why?

Now blogger does not mean that you will only write article it is not limited to content writing , you need to be content marketer, Search engine optimizer, Digital marketer, you need to know the function of WordPress as well , basic of designing images and many more though I believe that you can outsource some work or hire someone for your work but as newbie blogger you need to be multitasker  and believe me when you will start your blog or when you start your blogging journey you will face many difficulties which is normal and if you are not facing any difficulty then consider yourself as lucky now I am writing my experience not to demotivate you but to make things aware and this is the reason why I am writing this article Chrome extensions for bloggers for you .

Now what you can do is you can hire this best google chrome extension tool for free and this tool will manage some work for you isn’t it interesting! Yes it is and trust me you will just love this tools, I have used many of this tools and they are extremely well and you know these tools are Tiny HR Human resources this tool help me in executing my few works.

So I have mentioned 20 Chrome extensions and based on your requirement you choose the extension which based suites for you.

Chrome extensions for bloggers

1. Tubebuddy

Free Keyword planner tubebuddy
Tubebuddy Tool

I am personally using Tubebuddy for my youtube video and You know Tubebuddy is one of the best keyword research tools for youtube its really a useful tool for vloggers and bloggers too who embeds their youtube video in their article .you will get free version which is limited to some feature and their affordable paid version allow you to use all their feature.

Now you might have a question

Why Tubebuddy  ?

The reason would be very simple

It is specially crafted for YouTube

1.its helps generating ideas for keywords ,tags and many more.

2. Tubebuddy helps you know the search volume, competition and the overall rate of the keywords

3. It allows you see your competitors tags and let you copy the tags as well in a folder.

4.Its allows you to promote a specific video in the description box

5. and it has many other feature as well

If you want to know detailed about Tubebuddy so please go through the article -review of Tubebuddy.


vidiq interface

IT is also a good Keyword research tool for youtube and it is almost similar or identical to tubebuddy.

You get free version as well as the paid version in the free version you will have limited feature and you will get a full feature in the paid version. so if you are looking for an alternative of tube buddy or you want something for cheaper then tubebuddy I will suggest you go for vidIQ because the pricing for VidIQ is somehow lower then tubebuddy .

Pricing of vidiq
Pricing of VidIQ

I feel tube buddy and Vidiq are similar to each other but they are you know a different company. Why I am telling they are almost similar is because :

  1. They are both YouTube certified

2. Tubebuddy and Vidiq are both browser extension.

3. Their user interface is also almost identical to each other.

3. Bittube Airtime Extension

Are you frustrated with the popup ads ? are you tired off with the annoying ads? If the annoying ads are hampering your concentration or workflow then here comes the bittube airtime extension.

Now I will share you some interesting fact of bitube airtime extension do you know you don’t only have the power to block ads but you can also Generate airtime and get rewarded Isit it cool !  if you want to  earn Money with this extension you can check out this article: How to earn with bittube airtime extension.

Now Let me show you

How can You Block Ads with Bittube airtime extension

This is very simple You just need to download and install the extension and after that you have to check whether the extension is switched on or off, yes you have the power to switch on and off the extension if you see some no on the icons that means the extension is on and if you Don’t See you need to power on the extension  Look at the screenshot below.

Best 20 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 1

4. Grammarly


Well, you don’t have to take care of spelling and grammar mistakes Grammarly is there for you to take care of it and yes it’s absolutely free! isn’t it cool? I am using Grammarly from the last few months and its really really a great plug-in for bloggers its not possible for you and me to check each and every  word by word and I personally use to write very fast and you know what sometimes I mistype some words but I don’t take care of because my plugin partner is there to look at the mistakes . And this is the reason i have done a review of Grammarly

So they have three plans

  1. Free plan: In the free version, you will get the basic writing correction which is great.
  2. Premium:  in premium, you get advanced writing feedback. And you will be charged $ 11.66/Month
  3. Business: All Premium features for teams of 3 to 100. And you will be charged $ 15/Month

So I will definitely suggest you that if you are a newbie and you can’t afford the premium version Don’t worry you should Definitely install the Free version.

5. Evernote


There are many screen capture software available online but they take space in your computer right and maybe its not handy as well! But Evernote will work best for you, as a blogger and doing many scratch works and taking some important notes from the internet is also necessary isn’t it and here Evernote will come handy to you.

So in Evernote you are going to get

  1. Evernote can clip the full page to Evernote and the best part you can edit the page as well
  2. You can clip Bookmark to Evernote
  3. Can clip screenshot to Evernote

Great plugin for bloggers in the free version you get a limited amount of space /months i.e 60 MB and in premium version you get 10gb /month.

6. Keyword everywhere


Keyword Everywhere is a free SEO tool which is also a pretty good plugin for bloggers. This plugin is quite handy when you have a content idea and just want to know the overview of the keyword without visiting many SEO tools. You just need to search the keyword in the google chrome browser and you will get some estimated search volume, CPC, and completion of the keyword.

I would say this keyword would be handy to you when you want to know the overview of the keyword if you want in-depth data of keywords then this plugin is not for you.

7. Last Pass

Best 20 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 2

We are bloggers isn’t it and it’s obvious you and I have to manage multiple accounts in different platform and remembering the password for 100s and 100s of account is hectic it’s not possible so last pass is going to manage your passwords.

You simply need to signup with an email address and  create a master password and you are good to go

The great things of last pass is :

  1. You can add multiple accounts and password and when you will log in to certain website it will automatically fetch your passwords.
  1. The last pass not only store passwords but also you can store notes, address, bank account details, passport, email accounts, wifi password and many more.

8. Buffer


It’s not possible for you to manage each and everything I will not say its impossible but you know if you manage everything manually so you’re losing your precious time somethings should be automated.

So here the work of buffer come into existence so if you don’t know about buffer is a Social media management tool where you can add multiple social media accounts but you are limited in the free version.

You cant add more than 3 social media accounts in the buffer in case of free version and in the paid version you can add multiple accounts.

What Buffer can do ?

Buffer can help you automate your social media post it can

1.manage social media for your business

2. Buffer makes easy for businesses and marketing teams to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place

So definitely check the tool and don’t waste your time by manual post in social media.

9. Seoquake

Best 20 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 4

Seo quake is a product of Semrush –An SEO tool. so this plugin is really handy if you want to audit your page and trust me you can find the error of your website if there is some and the best part is you can get the tips from them to make it proper.

You also Get 100 pages audit for free .

You can also get to know ranking, backlinks, and many other parameters of your competitor as well.

10. What runs


Super duper plugin Now you might be thinking why super duper?

And the reason is you can get the complete details of things your competitor is using in their websites such as themes, plugins, cms they are using, analytics tools, Programming language, Cache Tool they are using and many more.

You might often wonder which plugin which tool a particular website is using but you don’t get any idea isn’t it but from now you are going to get the details of any website you want.

You can check mine also . (:

11. Whatfont

Do you want to know which font your competitor is using? you have liked and loved a particular font and you want to know the name, style, family, colour, size, the position of the website? Then what font will work for you.

12 .Similar web


Believe me You will just love this extension and I will rate this extension 5 out of 5 now why I am rating 5 out of 5 and the reason is they provide Similar web Pro for free just you need to signup and guess what ? with this extension you are going to see detailed analytics report of your website as well as your competitor website.

Why similar web:

1.You can see the website rank of your competitor globally as well country wise.

2.will also help you in their traffic insights details – this is I believe is a great thing you can analyze the traffic of your competitor which can help in building your strategy as well. can also Download the detailed pdf file.

4. You can also see your analytics just you have to connect your google analytics account into similar web similar will provide you with an easy to understand analytics report just with a click.

Please refer to the screenshot below.


This is just a super duper analytic extension on a go which gives a depth insights this is my favourite Extension out of 20.

13. Amazon Publisher Studio Extension Beta


Have you heard about Amazon Affiliate Program? If yes Then Let me tell you amazon publisher studio extension beta is an Extension of Amazon affiliate associate Program.

So if you haven’t setup amazon associate program then you first need to set up your Amazon Affiliate Program.

Now you might have ask me why amazon publisher studio extension ?

The reason is

  1. You can put affiliate links directly in your article without going to Amazon associate dashboard yes you heard it right.
  2. One can also share affiliate links on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  3. This extension is supported in both the CMS i.e Blogger and as well WordPress platform.

14. Tiny EYE


Great! why I have used this word GREAT you know as because we know different platforms of Plagiarism checker but do you know you can check Image plagiarism also? What I mean to say is you can check your blog post images are unique or not.

Usefulness and Feature of tinyeye

  1. You can check the source of image i.e where the image has come from, find where that image appears online.
  2. Now what you can do is suppose if you have a graphic designer and he/she make makes images for your blog post now you can check that image is unique or not simply just by uploading that image and then click the search button

15. Pocket


So you know you can get the general idea in the name itself pocket – It helps you to save anything whether its a page, video, images and keep in your pocket.

Feature Of pocket

  1. Save articles and keep the knowledge in pocket
  2. Save articles, videos and stories from any publication, page or app
  3. Access the great content anywhere, anytime– even offline. Read or listen without distraction, on any device.

16. Picmonkey


It is an Online Photo editor, Design maker tool as like canva. All you need to do is Drag and drop to Create a stunning blog post images, social media post Ebook covers etc .so before moving to The extension part if you haven’t signed up for picmonkey Then Signup Now.

Now lets extension part

With the extension, you can instantly grab images from any Web page and open them up in PicMonkey for editing

2. How it works: click the PicMonkey icon when you’re viewing a web page,  every image on that page and a screenshot of the entire page appears as a tiny thumbnail in a sidebar. Select one to edit, redesign with the powerful drag and drop feature.

3.  It lets you perform basic edits, like crop and rotate, and enhance your images with luscious effects, overlays, fonts, textures, frames and touch up tools.


17. DuckDuckGo


Now Probably you know what Google is, What Bing is they are giant search engines right! Similarly, duckduckgo is exactly same what I mean to say is duck duck go is also a search engine platform where you can search for any information.

 Now if you are looking for Privacy Protection, you want that your Ip address should be tracked then you can try duckduckgo.

 Now what they Promising is :

1.They don’t store your personal information.

 2. I like this feature that they don’t track your search history which I believe is great

 3. They don’t track your search as well.

 So Duckduck Go is only meant for Searching and thus will provide you with a good experience as well.


18. StayFocusd


 Stay focused is great if you are a blogger and a student as well. Generally when we power on our laptop or desktop in a motive that we will work productively today and we will not get diverted but is it true? Don’t we get diverted? Don’t we In the middle of the work scroll Facebook feesd, looking at the Instagram stories, isn’t it?

Now what stay focused is going to do is if you Certainly want that you should specify a limit to the website you surf more you can do that and after using the time limit that particular website will be blocked for a day and you will be unable to surf the website isn’t it great.

 19. Avast Online Security

 Now if you’re Looking for Getting protected from fake website and scams Then you should install Avast Online security absolutely for free.

 Now how they are going to help you out :

  1. so let’s say you are visiting a particular website now what this extension will do is will scan the website and will tell you that whether this website is safe or unsafe.

 2.   Its also going to help you know if the website you are visiting is tracking you or not

3.your are also going to be informed about phishing scams, malicious links and websites infected with malware can stop the website for collecting your data and search history.

 20. Hubspot collect

Hubspot Collect

 Now, this similarly almost same as Evernote, you can save contents from the web if you wish the content is important, or want to study it afterwards.

 So if think that there is any piece of images, gif, Article which is going to convert that idea into content then you easily do it by HubSpot collect with a click.

 You can also import your existing content from google drive to Hubspot collect as well.


 All the extension I have mentioned in the top 20 are really handy, easy to use and must for bloggers.

Now I will recommend you to select the extension which you really think is relevant to you and install it  all the best 20 google extension for blogger is free though some have premium version so you can start with the free version and if you love the products and services then you can go for the premium version as well I will also like to conclude that there are many tools which are similar and identical in nature all are good now you need to decide which would be good for you.

 Out of 20 my personal favorite is :






 This are the 5 which I will recommend you to use and its absolutely free.

 I  hope you got some value from this article

 Please let me know in the comment section below whether the article had provided you with a value or not.

 I will really appreciate and love  if you comment.

 Cheers (:


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