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This Small piece of article is going to be best and the final destination for your search query or the things you are looking for copyright free images and royalty-free images. Now, why have used the term final destination because you don’t need to go anywhere else to search for royalty-free images or copyright free images because the website or the platform which I am going to mention is one destination for all your requirements be it images, vectors, icons, logos, and every possible thing?

Now Before Moving to, I would also like you to understand the difference between copyright free images and royalty-free images.

Copyright Free Images Vs Royalty-Free Images

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Copyright provides the individual or the company with intellectual property rights which they had created Such intellectual property rights give a person or a company an exclusive window of time to utilize their creation for monetary gain. Nobody can copy their exact work of art or product without facing legal consequences. One point you need to remember is that different country has different policies as well so its very country to country.

Now everything on the internet is not copyrigted you need to Make it and if there is a copyrighted item there will be expiry date again depends from country to country

when its come to royalty-free the owner of the content of the product gives license to licensee for using their product after they make a deal. then it becomes royalty-free I am paying money for using the product in the form of royalty and I have the right to use it.


Now I am talking about freepik.com a fantastic and awesome site where you can get every image, vectors, logos you want there are tons and tons of website for copyright free images even I have written a dedicated article of best 50 royalty-free images site where I have mentioned briefly about freepik.com site but this site is so awesome that I thought to write a dedicated article about this site itself. But I am surprised that many bloggers don’t share this beautiful website even though they use it they don’t share because they don’t want you to know about this side they just share premium sites where they can earn money from an affiliate Marketing link.

Now You Might Ask Me why Freepik

Why Freepik.com?

  1. They have a huge collection starting from A-Z you can get tons of images, icons, vectors you want.
  2. They are providing lots of images free to download.
  3. They also have monthly and yearly packages and they are so cheap that anyone can afford to buy be its a student also just you need a cut a piece of pizza a month that it isn’t it cool yes it is and trust me no website will give you in this cheapest rate as freepik is giving you
  4. Good Part is you can download unlimited images you want if you are paid subscribers trust me a single premium image in Shutterstock is more costly then the whole mon=thly package of freepik,
  5. Priority support.
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How to use Copyright free images?

SO here I will show you step by step how you can download use the image in your project.

1.First head over to freepik.com


2. Search Any topics and get tons of copyright free images of your topics now I will let you how you can download the images.

copyright free images

After Downloading the Image You need to keep some things in your mind you need to give credit if your a non paid member and if you are a paid member you don’t need to do anything you download the images and you are good to go.

How to give credit for copyright-free images for free members.

You must attribute the image to its author:

In order to use content or a part of it, you must attribute it to / Freepik,
so we will be able to continue creating new graphic resources every day.

How to attribute it?

For websites:

Please, copy this code on your website to accredit the author:
Designed by roserodionova / Freepik

For printing:

Paste this text on the final work so the authorship is known.

  • For example, in the acknowledgments chapter of a book:
    “Designed by roserodionova / Freepik”

You are free to use this image:

  • For both personal and commercial projects and to modify it.
  • In a website or presentation template or application or as part of your design.

You are not allowed to:

  • Sub-license, resell or rent it.
  • Include it in any online or offline archive or database.

Now The above Process is for The free members if you are a paid member you don’t need to do anything you are good to go. Now I will let you know the difference and features for free as well as paid members of freepik.com

  • Free Members Benefits Paid Members Benefit
Cant Download Unlimted ImagesCan Download Unlimited Images
No Exclusive ImagesExclusive Images For Paid Members
Need to Give Credit And AttributionDon’t Need To Give Any Credit
Ads Can Feel You Annoying No Ads For Paid Members
No Priority SupportPriority Support

And The Best Part Is as I said earlier also their premium membership package is very Cheap so if you are a student also don’t worry (: you can also afford you just need to cut a price of pizza that’s it. If you have started a blog or planning to start a blog I would suggest you take their premium subscription because you need to use lots of images graphics and vectors for your blog construction.

Freepik plans and pricing

So what are you waiting for go Grab The Deal Now

So I hope you have liked this small piece of content If you liked this article please do comment share and subscribe to our newsletter.

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