How Digital Marketing As A Career Can Help You Survive

Digital Marketing As A Career

Digital Marketing As A Career

My Experience

Digital Marketing As A Career: Being an MBA Marketing Student i was always curious about the term digital marketing, what exactly digital marketing is and how to pursue a career in digital marketing, from where i should i pursue a course or learn the required skillset so everything was a question mark? for me.

I started researching about digital marketing based on my research i find digital marketing very very interesting and challenging as well so finally i decided to pursue a course and learn the required skillset.

I started to type ” Best Digital Marketing Course online” “Digital Marketing Course” “Top Digital marketing institute” and many more in google search engine and finally i got many options out them i finally decided to pursue it from “simplilearn” i started learning and practising the skills and interesting part is when I realized is that before persuing the course when i was searching and typing the keywords in google ” Best Digital Marketing Course online” “Digital Marketing Course” “Top Digital marketing institute” is actually a part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of digital marketing.

This Is When I got in-depth interest in digital marketing and i started putting my heart and soul in digital marketing and right now i am doing good with blogging as well. so to implement the various parameter of blogging you must have a blog either you can start a free blog or you can start a paid blog the choice is yours.

so before going to digital marketing as a career, we must know what is digital marketing and the importance of digital marketing i.e simply why digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Before Digital Marketing we will simply know what marketing is simply “Marketing is knowing and developing the wants and needs of the customer and then converting that wants and needs to physical goods and services and then reaching that product and services with proper distribution method.

According to Philip Kotler ” Marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of the target market at a profit.”

So Digital marketing is also the same in digital marketing we do marketing of goods and services through digital technologies or digital media on the internet through mobile apps, tablet, laptop and any other digital mediums.

How Digital Marketing As A Career Can Help You Survive 1

Importance of Digital Marketing

Now You might ask why digital marketing or why digital marketing is so important my answer will be simple.

  1. More People are getting Online: According to, 46% of the world population uses the internet. it is even higher in developed countries and amounts to 80% of users. in 2005 only 16% of the population used the internet.
  2. People are spending more time on the internet: Now This is the point where i guess you will not search for data and figure you can put your common sense isn’t people nowadays are consuming less television, the newspaper we all are consuming a maximum of our time on the internet isn’t it. we spent 6.15 hours each day using online devices, 54% of our daily media time is spent online.
  3. More Business is going online:
  4. Business are spending more online
  5. Digital Marketing is More customizable: This point is very important and the reason is you can reach any customer at any point of time at any location at any day at any devices at any social media sides any demographics any gender and the list of any goes.

Choosing Digital Marketing As A Career

Digital Marketing As A Career

Do you remember the last time you have seen an ad on the TV? It is hard to remember right. The advertising strategies are way more increased with the increase in technology and social media. Nowadays branding is completely focused on advertising in social media. The days when we found leaflets of business are far gone. 

Here is what digital marketing plays a big role. Digital marketing is a medium where we use social media and other digital platforms to influence individuals and make them into customers. 

It may be a website, social media, video platform or any other, digital marketing plays a big role in attracting users to your business. There are a lot of areas and various components where you can introduce your digital marketing skills and be visible to your customers.

How To Adopt Digital Marketing

Even though there are different modules and areas in digital marketing, you need not be an expert in every one of those. You can choose the best among them and you can self learn by experimenting with the different areas. You can get the most out of it through posting content and products in blogs, social media pages and creating different campaigns in social media pages and search engines.

Choosing Digital Marketing As A Career

As internet usage is being increased there are a lot of businesses tending towards online advertisings to grab the attention of the users and influencing them to purchases with best techniques and skills. With this excessive usage of online advertisings, the need for professionals who have knowledge and skills in creativity and online marketing is rapidly increasing. If you are the one among many having the best creative knowledge and ability to attract online customers, then you are the one most business persons are looking for. 

The benefit of choosing digital marketing as your career is that you can start your career for free and most of all you need not earn a typical 4-year long bachelor degree or so. You can acquire the knowledge yourself with a little patience and good hard work. If you are yet in an urge for a professional degree in Digital Marketing, you can even opt for one which will pave you much more better ways for your career. The only thing you need to embrace yourself with while choosing digital marketing is that you need to be very flexible and need to learn continuously. 

Career Paths In Digital Marketing

There are no specific career paths in the field of digital marketing but you can set your career yourself by following different guides and professional courses that will be offered online and offline. 

We can assume a few paths which most professionals passed through which will give you the idea to choose the best career in digital marketing.

  1. The first one is, you can opt for complete marketing graduation and then obtain online professional digital marketing certification and experience and can apply for a job or become a professional freelancer.
  2. Another path is that you can also take a masters degree in digital marketing after graduation and can build your own brand. You can also choose a specification in marking and follow different blogs and online resources and start a blog and apply for a job or work as an individual freelancer. 
  3. The best part of digital marketing as a career which i like is you can be your own boss and if you check the homepage of my blog you will get an clear idea what’s the message i convey using the homepage of my blog you can lead a boss free life by acquiring the digital marketing skills.

you might ask me how?

  • You can either work in a digital marketing company or agencies learn and accuire the skill and then what you can do is you can take projects and work from home.
  • Either you can start your own blog and can earn money online out of it but here you need to very patient because your blog is not going to get tons of traffic from day 1. you need to put your heart and soul into it.


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