Bitter Truth Of Digital Marketing Jobs 2020

bitter truth of digital marketing jobs

I listed the termed digital marketing and digital marketing jobs when I was doing my graduation in around 2014 to 2016 that was the first time I have heard and discussed digital marketing, digital marketing courses and digital marketing jobs with my friend and we often discussed that whether we should go for digital marketing courses or not we were planning to do unfortunately we haven’t done digital marketing course at that time or either we have gone for any digital marketing jobs if I would have done digital marketing at home that time I would have earned huge money online if I would have done blogging youtube that time I would have millions and billions of followers because the digital marketing was booming that time and the competition was very very low that time but now in 2020 the scenario had totally been changed digital marketing had become a huge competitive niche in terms of everything.

Bitter Truth Of Digital Marketing Jobs 2020 8

Blogging, YouTube, Digital Marketing Jobs, everything had become so competitive so my objective is that to tell you the truth which no one tells you many of the bloggers and digital marketers tell you that there is a huge demand in digital marketing jobs yes it’s true but they never tell competition behind digital marketing and all the real stories behind digital marketing jobs.

so in this article i will tell everything about digital marketing jobs but in step by step process.

So let us know some brief about digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing Means Knowing to identify or developing the wants and needs and demands of customers and then turning thta wants and demand and need of customer into physical products or services and the making that available with proper distribution method.

Similary same is with digital marketing, Digital marketing is something where we do marketing online with the help of different platform for example Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, And Many more with the help of laptop,tbalets and many mobile devices.

So i will not take it long about digital marketing i just kept it short.

Now we will know before applying for jobs what are the things we should learn and where you can learn

Where Can You Learn Digital Marketing To Get Digital Marketing Jobs

If You Are Serious about digital marketing or don,t have any financial issue you should take up some live classes or paid courses online or you can take offline courses if there are some reputed institute beside you i mean in your city where you live.

Many Paid Course have Live Classes Where You can learn effectivley and efficiently with the help of mentors so there are few reputed online where you can take up courses and they have placement asistance as well.

#1. Simplilearn

simplilearn png downlaod

Simplilearn is a reputed online institute where they offer a variety of courses online and out of them, they offer many digital marketing courses, for example, they offer 1. Digital Marketing Certified Associate Program 1. Digital Marketing Specialist Program and many more. They Provide both live as well as offline classes where you can interact with the mentors and ask any queries you have.

So let me give you some overview of the course

  1. Simplilearn JobAssistâ„¢
  2. 365 days course access
  3. 45+ Projects & MimicPro Simulation
  4. OMCP Certification 

They Provide Placement asistance as well.

The Course fee is 59999 which is negotiable.

Their Custtomer support is outstanding you will get any help you want before and after enrolling the course both.

#2. UpGrad

upgrad png download

Upgrad is also a popular place or you can say a popular online platform where you can learn digital marketing. upgrad also provides a huge variety of courses almost in all segments and verticals one among them is digital marketing course which is named as PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication.

So let me give you some overview of the course

  1. Its a 6.5 months course and they recommended giving 7-9 hrs/week.
  2. They have 3000+ hiring partners for placement assistance I don’t know how true is this.
  3. You will get Certifications from MICA and Facebook.
  4. Get MICA Alumni Status
  5. If you Get stuck or have any doubts they have a Dedicated 1:1 Student Mentor
  6. Personalized Resume Feedback
  7. Offline Basecamps for Networking
  8. 15 Case Studies and Live Projects
  9. Hands-on Experience of Digital Marketing 20+ Tools
  10. Fortnightly Coaching by Industry Mentors
  11. Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers
  12. No Cost EMI Option.

If you are a graduate or equivalent then you can enroll for the course.

#3. Edureka

edureka png download

Edurkea is something which will catch your attention because of its Guaranteed placement. Cool Right!

Edureka is offering a post-graduate diploma in marketing with digital marketing as a specialization in association with the Institute of Management Technology IMT Gaziabad.

Its a 9 Months Online Course with Live Classes where The faculty of IMT Gaziabad will be taking up the classes and you will be getting certified from IMT Ghaziabad but the placement guaranteed is backed by Edureka and not IMT Ghaziabad.

Bitter Truth Of Digital Marketing Jobs 2020 9Bitter Truth Of Digital Marketing Jobs 2020 10

The Total Course Fee for the program is 150000+ Gst but you can get scholarship upto Rs 50000

Now If You want to learn Digital Marketing for free You can do that as well.

Where To Learn Digital Marketing For Free

You can also Learn Digital Marketing or skills of digital marketing for free and there are many platforms where you can learn it as well. But What I will suggest if you are serious about digital marketing jobs in that case you can opt for premium courses as well.

Hubspot Academy

free course from hubspot academy

In Hubspot You are going to get many courses with certification as well ranging from Inbound Marketing to Email Marketing There is a huge range of courses where you can do absolutely for free I am sharing the screenshot below so that you can have an idea what are courses you can learn for free for getting digital marketing jobs.

PPC University From Wordstream

wordstream ppc university free courses

Here you can learn about a vertical or you can say one segment of digital marketing which is known as PPC or pay per click which means if you want to learn about online advertising how to create online advertisements the strategies the formulas then this is the best platform for that I will also attach a screenshot so that you can learn and know about the same.


There are many other platforms as well where you can learn digital marketing for free just google it or you can learn from my this blog as well from my youtube channel or you can also join my private Facebook group to clear any doubts you want.

What Are The Skills You Will Learn and You should Learn To Get Digital Marketing Jobs

If you are serious about digital marketing and to get digital marketing jobs you need to learn and then practice and experiment the skills rigorously Now you might ask me why? Because digital marketing is all about continuous practicing so when you will become a good adaptor of the things you learn and mistake you to do to simply put when you will have good control over the skills you will easily get digital marketing jobs.

So the skills you will learn is

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
  3. Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  4. Pay Per Click(PPC)
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Web Analytics
  7. Mobile Marketing
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Affiliate Marketing
  10. Others

So You will learn the above skills after doing the courses to get digital marketing jobs.

What Are The Different Types Of Digital Marketing Jobs Role

So after completing digital marketing courses from well known reputed institutes, you can or you might get digital marketing jobs role below again depending upon you how capable you are and also depending upon the placement support your institute is giving.

So the Digital Marketing jobs role you might get are follow.

  1. Digital Marketing Trainee
  2. Digital Marketing Executive
  3. Digital Marketing Specialist
  4. SEO Executive
  5. SEO Expert
  6. PPC Expert
  7. Digital Marketing Manager,
  8. SEM Manager
  9.  SEO Specialist
  10. Social Media and Content Manager
  11. Social Media Marketing Manager and many more.

Now the above part of the article which I have covered is getting digital marketing jobs after doing some digital marketing courses from some well know institute now what if you don’t get any placement or digital marketing jobs after doing that above digital courses so here it comes to the below paragraph.

What If you don’t get any placement! Now coming to the next point we will talk about Places to search for digital marketing jobs offline. So I will show you how you can get digital marketing jobs from various platforms.

How To Get Digital Marketing Jobs Offline?

So I will talk about the various platforms where you can apply for digital marketing jobs and I will show how to apply for digital jobs one by one. But Before I let you know about digital marketing jobs I want to to tell you about the bitter truth about digital marketing jobs salary if you are expecting lakhs and lakhs of salary per month as a freshers for digital marketing jobs I am sorry to say you are seeing a dream leaving exceptional cases if you get it after doing digital marketing courses from premium institute its fine but I am telling it for if you are applying for jobs offline when you have not got any jobs from your institute.

Whats The Salary For Freshers In Digital Marketing Jobs

The starting salary in most digital marketing jobs is very poor and most probably you will get jobs in digital marketing agencies or small startups. Again Leaving exceptional cases. But yes after having a few years of experience in digital marketing jobs you will rock with good packages. If you want to enter into digital marketing jobs in good companies you need to take placement support from the digital marketing institutes but make sure you do proper experiment while enrolling in digital marketing courses because you know many institutes provide promise many things for the sake of enrolling you into the course but later they provide to fail what they promise so make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Please Note:-  " Salary For Freshers In Digital Marketing Jobs Is Really Poor"

How To Apply For Digital Marketing Jobs?

There are many platforms where you can apply and i will come straight to it

  1. Indeed
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Naukri
  4. Freshersworld
  5. Monster
  6. Others

There is plenty of search engine portal where you can apply for digital marketing jobs but what I will suggest is don’t apply for jobs that are unknown to you. I will also request you to take one thing very very serious and that is about the fake job offer and fake calls fake things are everywhere so be very cautious about fake calls and fake job offers.

If anyone calls you and asks you to pay some money or they will call it as application or processing fees for jobs ignore them don’t make any payments to any unknown sources. Be very cautious.

"Be Very Cautious For Fake Call"

Indeed- How you can apply for digital marketing jobs from indeed

Taking about indeed its one of my favorite job portal sites I like indeed very much because the response rate is very good over here.

So i will Show You How you can apply for digital marketing jobs from indeed

Head over to and then you just need to Put ” Digital Marketing” In what Section and then you need to give the location in where section and then click on the find jobs but before that you need to signup for indeed if you haven’t done yet.

digital marketing jobs in indeed

Then what you can do is you can apply for the jobs which have listed down on the search results so you will get the newest and latest fresh list of all the digital marketing jobs.

how to apply for digital marketing jobs in indeed

Similarly, you can apply for digital marketing jobs in many other job portals as well so different job portal sites have different methods to apply for jobs so it’s not rocket science to do its simple as like indeed.

Still If you Face any problem you can always contact me whenever you want.


So I want to conclude it very short and in a simple manner that yes there is a demand for digital marketing jobs there is much digital marketing job as well in different places but the digital marketing jobs salary is not as standard as it should for freshers leaving exceptional cases and moreover you need to start your career more or less in a digital marketing agency if you learn the required skills creatively have an experience of 3-4 years then after that you can start your own startup you can start a blog as well, you can start a business blog as well you can freelance as well as you can sell you courses options are huge Don’t worry!

So this all about digital marketing jobs

Ta- Da


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