How Google Adsense Guide Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Google Adsense Guide

My Experience

Google Adsense Guide: When You Start a Blog Or already have a blog So What’s Come next to our mind Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing Isn,t it And this is the reason i thought to share my experience on google Adsense.

You don’t need to an quantity oriented you need to be quality-oriented making tons of blog post doesn’t necessarily mean you will get approval of google AdSense the most important thing of getting Adsense approval is the quality of your content with quality of your content your site structure look and feel also plays a crucial factor in getting your blog AdSense approved there are many other factors too

you will get tons of blog post saying you should have 15-20 articles some blogger says you will get google Adsense approval after you write 100-150 articles some say you need to have good amount of traffic on your blog but i will say something different to you they are right to some extent but not exactly right why i am saying is because google doest have any blog or article saying you need to have 15-20 blog or 100-150 blog to get AdSense approval or you need traffic to get AdSense approval

but yes i have said they are correct to an extent and i will let you know why?

its true that some bloggers get google Adsense approval by writing 20-30 article but everyone doest gets google Adsense approval by posting 20-30 article personally i got a message from one of my followers saying he is not getting AdSense approval.

so i asked him how many article you have written?

he said i have written more than 40 articles and i am not getting Google Adsense approval from many days and he is getting rejected several times.

But why do you know the reason?

i visited his blog to check and i have seen the

1. quality of the article is really poor

2. The look and feel are not attractive so

so as i said it’s all about quality and not quantity writing a single quality blog is much better than writing plenty of articles.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a sub-brand or you can say is a product of google where publisher or bloggers can show ads on their blog or websites now ads can of various types it can be text ads, display ads, in-article ads, video ads and more and the best part is google show ads based on the content of your website and based on the user interests as well which is called remarketing Google Adsense is one of the largest and popular ad networks.

Why Google Adsense?

There are many factors which justifies why google Adsense.

  1. The most important i believe is the quality and relevancy of ads you will not get any shit ads from google Adsense there are many ad networks like Propeller ads Pop ads but the quality of ads of this network is not good as Google Adsense.
  2. The goodwill and trust factor of Google
  3. You get paid high as compared to other ads network for displaying ads on your blog or website.
  4. The timely and easy payout.
  5. Easy to Setup Google Adsense
  6. One AdSense account for your sites you don’t need to create a different account for different Sites or if you have any youtube channel.

When Google AdSense?

As i have already mentioned in my experience story that there is few eligibility criteria for getting a google Adsense approval but in terms of number of articles there are no specific criteria and there are different opinion from different bloggers but what i will suggest is write some perfect quality length articles and i am sure you are good to go make your blog look and feel like professional, make a clear and easy to use navigation as well.

Also, make sure to have some traffic in you blog see there are no traffic criteria as of now for getting google AdSense approval but still what i will suggest is to have some traffic and then apply google Adsense because if you get approval with no traffic also what’s the use if you don’t earn any revenue

No Traffic= No Revenue

Now This Page is meant for having an A-Z information of Google Adsense and i termed it is an

The Complete A-Z Google Adsense Guide Encyclopedia

Below Are the links for Adsense Encyclopedia.

So If You have any more queries feel free to comment down below i will let you.



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