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Google site kit plugin

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Google site kit plugin: So when i started blogging i always had a thing on my mind how to organise many things or few thing in a same dashboard or in a single dashboard or window because as I always say if you are a blogger you need to be multitasker and especially if you are a newbie you need to do your own SEO, social media marketing, content writing and many things as required so when I started blogging I always wanted at least google analytics to be on my WordPress dashboard, i always wanted many things in a single place though I got answer to and solution to a few things yet I didn’t get all those things for free. the so-called big brands charge huge subscription cost for that and that is the reason I thought to introduce an outstanding plugin to you which is named as Google Site Kit Plugin I will let you know everything in this article.

What is Google Site Kit Plugin

Google Site Kit Plugin is a free WordPress plugin which can connect your Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and many more services in a single plugin that’s great isn’t it and this plugin is being developed by Google itself and right now it is in testing mode i.e on Developer beta which means the developer is still working on the plugin and not being fully launched However you can download the beta version and can upload in WordPress and can use the plugin but you might get some bugs or error because still, it is On developer beta version. so in the next part of the article, i will guide you on how can you set up a Google site kit plugin step by step.

How to Setup Google Site Kit Plugin

Step 1- First you need to Visit site kit with google and then you need to download the Developer beta version by clicking on the get developer beta version button you will get a file downloaded.

Google Site Kit Plugin

No 2 Step– Now you need to upload the file which has been downloaded you simply need to go to the plugin section>Add New>Upload Plugin>Click on the install now button>The click on the activate Plugin Button.

How to upload plugin in wordpress

Step 3- After you installed and activated the plugin you need to click on the google kit logo on the left sidebar and then we will begin setting up google site kit plugin click on the link which i have shown in the screenshot below. Make sure you have logged in with the google account which is linked with google search console to make get the authentication code.

How to authenticate google site kit plugin

No 4 Step- After clicking on the above link a new tab will open up scroll down you will get an option Get QAuth Credentials to click on that and you will get Qauth code copy it pastes it on the client configuration box.

Google site kit wordpress plugin

Step 5- Copy The Code and paste in the box and then click on the proceed button then again you need to sign in with google

Google Site kit Verification

No 6 Step- Now You need to sign in with google but make sure you log in with the google account which is linked with google search console click on that email address then allow google to fetch your data.

Email Address

Step 7- After you allowed Google to fetch the data Google Will automatically verify your site, Google search console etc. And you Will get congratulations! You successfully completed the Site Kit setup and connected Search Console.

Setup google site kit plugin

That’s it you are done (:

How to connect Google analytics in Google site kit plugin

Simply you need to go to the setting option of the plugin and you need to click on the connect more service option and you can connect Google analytics from there or any service listed there.

You can also connect the services directly from the google site kite plugin dashboard.

connect more service in site kit plugin


A wonderful plugin for everyone and especially for the newbie because you are not going to pay 100 and 1000 of dollars to the so-called big company for only seeing and analyzing the analytics but let this plugin might not work properly you might get bug as i get so its better to wait or you can test the plugin. I will say this plugin is worth it. i will keep updating this article when new feature or addon comes in the plugin.

I hope you have liked this article feel free to comment down and let me know if you are using this plugin or not.


Kazi (:

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