Grammarly review- A Free Grammar Checker

Grammarly review- A Free Grammar Checker

Grammarly review- A Free Grammar Checker

Table of Contents
My Experience Story
What is Grammarly
Feature of Grammarly
Plans and Pricing of Grammarly

My Experience Story

Well you know I write every article with a story and let me share the story/of Grammarly review- A Free Grammar Checker with you so I am using Grammarly from the last few months and you know I have a great experience with it.

Every tool I use as an add-on to blogging helps me to be more effective and efficient and Grammarly is one out of that you will get free as well as the paid version of Grammarly the best part is when I write an article I feel someone is sitting in my screen and is there to assist me I make many mistakes spelling mistakes grammar mistakes and many more and you know what grammar immediately helps me out with the error and also immediately fix it up .

So I feel Grammarly is my personal writing assistant and this is the reason I have also mention Grammarly in Best 20 Google Chrome Extension For Bloggers.

Grammarly review- A Free Grammar Checker 1

You just need to install the Grammarly extension for free in google chrome browser or Firefox browser and get started.

Grammarly review- A Free Grammar Checker 2

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly review- A Free Grammar Checker

So you Have very well Understood from the above paragraph Grammarly is simply a powerful tool where you can check your grammar, a free plagiarism tool as well.

Let me show you a small quick demo and I am sure you will easily get to know what is Grammarly and how Grammarly will help you in your journey.

Grammarly review- A Free Grammar Checker 3

Feature of Grammarly

Now let me share with you what can you do with Grammarly or simply the feature of Grammarly.

  1. Free Grammar check- It is one of the best grammar checkers you can fix all your grammar error with just a click.
  2. Free Spelling Checker: Don’t be worry about spelling mistakes Grammarly is there for you to fix this up.
  3. Online grammar check- Yes you hear it right you don’t only have the power to fix the grammar error online but you can also fix the error offline also you just need to download the software Grammarly for Microsoft office. you can refer to the screenshot below.
Grammarly for Microsoft Office

You can also see how I fix the error with the help of Grammarly software in the screenshot below.

Grammarly review- A Free Grammar Checker 4
  • Synonym – If you don’t have enough word stocks then let Grammarly help you with a different synonym for particular words / different alternative of words which you will make your article sounds good.
  • Compatible browser – You can have a Grammarly extension for Firefox as well as Grammarly chrome as well.
  • Others – You can also get rid off the silly mistakes we make which can be a comma, full stop, spacing etc.

Plans  and Pricing of Grammarly

Now let us talk about the difference between the Grammarly free as well Grammarly premium version.

Grammarly Free Version – you get Critical grammar and spelling checks though I believe free is also a powerful tool for bloggers.

Grammarly premium version-

You get Critical grammar and spelling checks
Advanced checks for punctuation, advanced grammar checker, context, and sentence structure.
Vocabulary enhancement suggestions.
Genre-specific writing style checks.

Plagiarism detector/ Duplicate content detector  that checks more than 16 billion web pages

Plans and pricing Of Grammarly
Plans and pricing Of Grammarly

You can also check my Video Explaining the same.

But Please Note: Video Is in Hindi


If you are a newbie you definitely start with the free version and as you grow you can go for a premium subscription with advanced feature. though I will suggest you if you are going for the premium version don’t go for monthly plan go for the annual plan.

I will say Grammarly is one of the best online grammar checkers as well as offline grammar checker too if you are a blogger, student, content writer this tool/extension is a must-have tool for you.

I have also listed this tool in best 20 google chrome extension for bloggers .

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