Best Graphic Design Software For Bloggers [ Top 5 Tools]

Best Graphic Design Software For Bloggers

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The best part of blogging is you continually learn and share knowledge because I believe in sharing is caring and that is the reason I am going to share this best graphic design software for bloggers and I reason about writing this article is not let you do struggle as I was doing a few years back when I started a blog and what I was struggling? I was struggling with how to design awesome blog post images where I will get the royalty-free images and copyright-free images these were all the queries I have and it took longer to understand all this and that is the reason I am writing this article to solve this query.

And see with these best graphic design software I am doing really good and making stunning blog post images if you can see this article featured image this image has been made my Canva which is one of the best graphic design software for bloggers.

Anyone can use this tool but especially if you are not techy guy then this online graphic design software will help you out with ease. And these tools are also powerful when it comes to beginners these tools are totally beginner friendly you can make a simple graphic design to advance graphics design from these tools.

Best Graphic Design Software For Bloggers [ Top 5 Tools] 1

Best Graphic Design Software For Beginners

So don’t worry all the best graphic design software I am going to talk about have 2 plans they have paid plain and also free plans i.e these are also free graphic designing tools. so you can do many things by using this tool you can make Instagram stories, Instagram post to youtube thumbnail to anything possible you can also use your own custom dimension also. I will also show a quick tutorial on how to get started with this best and top 5 graphic design software.

Top 5 Graphic Design Software

There are a lot of tools available in the online market and there are much free graphic design software as well but in this article the designing tools which I am going to talk about is

  1. Canva
  2. Picmonkey
  3. Crello
  4. Snappa
  5. BeFunky
Sl/No Top 5 Best Graphic Design Software Try Now
1 Canva Try Now
2 Snappa Try Now
3 Crello Try Now
4 PicMonkey Try Now
5 BeFunky Try Now

And the reason for choosing this graphic design tools is because :-

  1. These tools are really easy to use you don’t need to be a technical or graphic designer to utilize these tools this tool is fit for anyone.
  2. This Graphic design software is beginner-friendly so if you are a blogger, YouTuber social media manager, digital marketing agency, social media marketing agency then these tools are just one for you.
  3. These top 5 graphic design software are free graphic design software they have also paid plans as well if you wish to take full advantage of the software then you can consider buying their premium plans as well.

Moving Forward the first tool which I want to talk about is canva and if you can see the featured image which is there at the beginning of the post is done through canva.

Canva Software

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Canva is my personal favorite and one of the best graphic design software out there and personally, also I am using these tools for making all the images or graphic staffs if you can see the featured image which is there at the beginning of the post is done through canva only, this tool is very very powerful when it comes the ease of use, features, tools available inside canva, cost and many more.

So what are things and graphic design you can do with canva

  1. You can make Facebook Cover, Facebook post, Facebook banner, etc
  2. Make youtube thumbnail, Youtube channel art, Youtube post, etc
  3. You can also make different sets of graphic design for Instagram i.e Instagram post, Instagram stories, Animated social media, etc
  4. If you are looking for marketing material, graphs charts table, presentation all you can do from canva
  5. Logo designing feature is also there in canva and that is for free so if you have a youtube channel or want to start a youtube channel and worried about budget or hiring professional or freelancer for logo designing and budget is your constraint don’t worry canva is there for the solution.
  6. You can also create certificates, coupons, and deals, Invoice and there are a whole lot of features which I will show you.

How To Use Canva

#1. Go to and from the homepage itself you can signup manually or you can signup through your Google or Facebook account once done you will be landed to the studio of canva.


#2. Now I will show you how you can select the required social media posts designs according to your preferences now you can search for anything which you want in the search box also if you want to make the graphic design of your custom dimensions you can do that as well.

So you have 2 option to use this graphic design software

No 1. You can either start from scratch to design your idea or blog post image or anything you want you just need to search in the search box For Example if you want to create an Instagram Story You just need to search for the query “Instagram story” you need to click on it and finally you will be landed to the studio.

No 2. There are tons of premade canva template you can use that as well, and the good part is the premade template is so awesoem and beautiful that you will just fall in love with canva.

Canva dashboard

#3. Once you have chosen the design you will be landed to the editing section now if you want to edit or redesign, innovate it according to you, you can do that as well, let be show briefly how you how can you do the entire process with tools of canva through the screenshot below.

how to use canva

You can also my check my Youtube video ” Canva Step By Step Tutorial” But please note the video is in the Hindi Language”

Samples Of Canva Designs

Here is the different designs which i have done through canva which you can do as well very easily.

Moreover, you can also learn more design from canva design school Moving to next free graphic design software i will talk about picmonkey


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Picmonkey is another free and best graphic design software available there talking about interface it’s almost like canva , its really super duper easy to use, Picmoneky not only helps you in designing graphics but also helps you in editing and collaging photo.

They also have a mobile application for android as well as iPhone and you also get picmonkey chrome extension as well which instantly helps you edit web page images and screenshots with picmonkey.

How To Use PicMonkey

#1. Visit from there you can click on the start a free trial button.

pcimonkey homepage

#2. Now after that you can either signup through your Facebook account or your Google account or you can manually signup with email and password as well.

PicMonkey signup

#3. After that you will get a popup dashboard where you can start a free trial or you can skip as well and use their free version as well. After you have skipped then you will have four options.

  1. You can upload a photo or image and work on it in the picmonkey designing studio.
  2. You can touch up a photo.
  3. If you have our own custom dimension in your mind you can do that as well
  4. There are plenty of premade templates of all the social media platfroms and many more you can select that as well.
how to make graphic design using picmonkey

#4. Now once you have chosen anyone to template the next and final thing which I want to show you is picmonkey editing studio where you can edit, redesign and innovate your idea.

how to make graphic design using picmonkey

Crello Software

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In crello also you have a whole lot of stuff, crello also offers you a whole lot of graphic designing variations starting from creating logos, making banners, posters certificates designing, Instagram story maker, you can also make promotional materials as well, email header, you can also create youtube thumbnail from crello, and there are a whole lot of things you can imagine of.

Crello tagline itself says anyone can be designers and it’s totally true the only thing you need to have is creativity else everything can be done through drag and drop features.

Crello have also tons and tons of images and templates and elements, crello is no less then canva the only difference is canva has been overrated while crello doesn’t but I also like and love crello for its powerful features.

Moving to the next i will let you know how to get started with crello or how to use crello

How To Use Crello

#1. Visit Click on the signup on the top right corner or click on the start for the free button to get started let me show you with the screenshot below. After that either you can signup manually or you can or you can signup with your google accounts as well.

How to get started with crello

#2. Once done you will be landed to dashboard where you need to select pre-made and popular templates to get started with your designing or the second thing which you can do is you can search for your required template to get started.

crello dashbaord

#3. Once you have chosen your template then you will land to designing studio of crello where you can edit, change, or innovate design according to your creativity and ideas. I have made a screenshot guide attached below to understand it better.

how to use canva

If you feel any problem using these tools please let me know in the comment section below moving to the next I will discuss snappa.

Snappa Software

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Best Graphic Design Software For Bloggers [ Top 5 Tools] 5

Snappa is a beautiful graphic Software when it comes to bloggers, Graphic designers and also its one of the best graphic design software for beginners you will also get tutorial of everything you need from snaapa itself and believe me this graphic design tool is very easy to use and very simple to use as well.

So don’t need to worry or panic about your design part because snappa navigation and the interface is also clutter and very simple.

There are many good parts about snappa but one thing which i like and love aboaut snappa is resize feature which means you have created a graphic design of let say facebook post and you also want to do create a same design for instagram story so again you dont need to do it for instagram story from scratch the only thing you need to do is resize the existing desin and you are good to go.

Interestingly snappa is providing these features for free but if you don’t know canva doesn’t provide these features in their free version you need to purchase a premium plan of canva. so if you have multiple social media accounts and want to manage multiple social media accounts post at once then I will recommend you use snappa over any other graphic design software.

How To Use Snappa

#1. To use snappa the very first thing you need to do is visit and after that you can either click on the get started free or create my graphic now button.


#2. once done you will be redirected to the dashboard or you can say to the designing studio of snappa and from there you will have 2 options either you can enter your own custom dimension or you can select the pre-made dimension of particular social media post types.


#3. Now After choosing any dimension you will have 2 options either you can choose from scratch to design or you can choose a premade template where you only need to edit, now the choice is yours.


#4. The last and final step is where you can edit, redesign, innovate your ideas, and creativity and snappa tool is also very super duper easy to use a simple drag and drop and then share and download. The tutorial screenshot will help you out understand the snaapa designing studio really easily.

edit in snappa

Moving to last and final best online graphic design software i will discuss about befunky

#5. Befunky

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Talking about befunky its also a good free graphic design software where you can design a whole lot of things online the good part is befunky has collaborated with Good Stock photo companies such as pixabay, Unsplash, pexels so you don’t need to worry about good stock photos.

BeFunky has also the resize feature for me every graphic design tool should have these resize feature because these help you to reduce your work and saves your time as well.

Apart from online graphic designing they also have collage maker, photo editor, and befunky mobile application as well.


How To Use Befunky

#1. The very first thing which you need to do is click on the get started button.


#2. Once you clicked on the get started button you will have 3 options no 1. is photo editor option no 2. you will have the option to create a collage and no 3 is you can create a graphic design.

So for now we will click on the create a design button.


#3. Now you will be redirected to the designing studio or you can say the editing section where now you can edit different premade images or you can start from scratch as well. Let me show you the screenshot below.

design with befunky

So This how you can design with befunky


So if you are anyone whether you are an expert designer or you are complete beginners this online graphic design software is going to help you tremendously the top 5 graphic design software which I have discussed is completely online i.e means you need not download any single thing to get started and the goos part is though the tools are online still the software works super duper fine, you will not find any single lag or bug over the platform.

Now if you want me to narrow down more among this top 5 online graphic design software and want my recommendation then I will suggest you use snappa or canva.

So that’s it for this article please let me know in the comment section below which one you are going to use and if you have any query please free to comment down it below.

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FAQ Section

  1. What Is The Best Free Graphic Design Software?

    The Best Graphic Design Software according to me is
    1. Canva
    2. Snappa
    3. Crello
    4. PicMonkey
    5. Befunky

  2. Can I Learn Graphic Design By Myself?

    Yes definitely you can learn graphic design by yourself now it depends which type of graphic designer you want to be, but if you are an beginner the best way to learn graphic design is by learning through free youtube platform and then implementing the same in different online graphic designing software such as canva, snappa, crello, picmonkey etc.

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