How To Create A YouTube Channel In 2020

How To Create A YouTube Channel (Ultimate Guide)

How To Create A YouTube Channel (Ultimate Guide)

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Well Creating a YouTube Channel is not complicated or hard but establishing a youtube channel is really hard nowadays. Now when I am saying hard doesn’t mean that I am demotivating you my only objective is to tell you the truth and what I have experienced.

Now if you really have super-duper content, which is unique then I don’t think it is going to be hard for you it’s going to be hard for normal creators so before we know how to create a youtube channel I will let you know some bitter truth about youtube based on my experience so that everything becomes clear for you.

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I am going to reveal unofficial secret what I mean to say is this is not official from YouTube surprisingly do you know how that few years back what youtube use to do, youtube make a minimum of 1 video of almost every channel viral whether it is good content or shit content doesn’t matter the only minimum criteria was that the video should have minimum audience retention.

If you noticed no doubt there are many awesome creators in youtube but there are many creators with shit content as well. Now You might think about how I know all this well I am in touch with few creators and got to know some inside from them.

Now Before you know how to create a youtube channel I will let you know that you have taken right decision to create a youtube channel yes youtube is no easier its competitive nowadays but still, if you make really engaging videos you are going to rock

if you don’t know youtube is the second largest search engine where people come here to learn so its high time to know how to create a youtube channel its a great source of making money and having fame.

SO if you haven’t started your dream blog start a blog now and try to embed youtube video with article and infographics as well because video blogging is going to be the future of blogging.

Now let’s get started with a youtube channel

How To create a youtube channel step by step process

Step 1– Register a Google account if you already have a Google account then you can skip this step, I will recommend you to create a separate Google account for your youtube channel so to create a google please refer to the screenshot below.

How To create a youtube channel

Step 2– Now you have created a google account or you already have one now you need to go to YouTube then you need to click on the logo on the top right corner then you need to select and click the setting option.

How To create a youtube channel

Step 3– After Clicking on the Setting Option you will be landed to your account dashboard Now from this step you will actually know how to create a YouTube channel. Now you need to click on the Create a new channel option.

How To create a YouTube channel

Step 4– Now after clicking on the see all my channel or create a new YouTube channel you will get a + button Create a new Channel Click on it.

How to create a YouTube Channel

Step 5– After clicking on the create a new channel now you need to give a brand name for the YouTube Channel you want to create but make sure that you give a brand name which is unique and not there in YouTube why I am saying this because if you have a unique name you can claim a URL for your YouTube Channel after you completed 100 subscribers as I Have

How to create a YouTube channel

Step 6– Now after giving your Brand name then create on the click button and then you are good to go your YouTube channel is created you will be redirected to an interface like in the screenshot below.

How to create a YouTube channel

Now I don’t want to end the article here I want you to customize and make your YouTube channel fully ready so that you can create and post your first video where people can recognize you and your brand so i will share how can you do that as well in the bonus step below.

Bonus Step 7– In the above screenshot you can see customize channel option click on that so that You can customize the channel After clicking on the customizing channel button you need to give (A) Logo Of your brand YouTube Channel (B) You Need to add Beautiful Channel art cover (C) You need to describe what the channel is all about, what contents are you going to give etc.

How to customize a YouTube channel

Note: To make a beautiful logo, YouTube Channel art cover, Infographics, YouTube Thumbnail you can use beautiful free tool Named PicMonkey where you can do all those pieces of stuff with beautiful designs etc.


Bonus Step 8– Now You are done with the above step now I will show how can you put your channel description, email address, links of your social media accounts to follow you, and your blog or website links as well.

How to add social media links in YouTube

Bonus Step 9– Lastly what you need to do is some setting according to your convenience to do that you need to go to top right-hand corner click on the creator studio then you will need to click on the setting option and from here you can set up many things so this something which you need to set up if you get stuck feel free to contact I will definitely help you out

But now I will show you how you can add the brand logo in every video which will increase your brand awareness, please refer to the screenshot below.

YouTube Branding

Bonus Step 10– This is the final step and I am going to share you an awesome tool Now the actual works began here you need to upload a video but how would you optimize your video so that you can get views and subscriber so i have a free tool for named as TubeBuddy which will you optimize your Video if you want to Know how Can you use TubeBuddy you can read the article Review Of TubeBuddy Legend.


I would really like to conclude small that video blogging is going to be the future of blogging and the outstanding tool where you can host your video absolutely for free is YouTube.

How To Create A YouTube Channel In 2020 3

Video Blogging is going to be future of blogging and in fact, it had been already started  Cisco predicts that video will make up more than 80% of worldwide internet traffic by 2021 so what you can do is you can go start your Dream Blog and start embedding Video along with article and infographics. Blogging With infographics and video makes the look and feel of your blog incredible and also helps in increasing Your SEO score So if you   haven’t   Started your blog you can  Follow   my   Detailed      step by step guide on    How to start a Blog

I hope this article has helped you out please let me in the comment section below about the article.

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