How to Earn From Bittube airtime extension

Bittube Airtime Extension interface
Bittube Airtime Extension

How to Earn From Bittube airtime extension

What is Bittube airtime extension

So before moving to How to Earn From Bittube airtime extension, we will first know  What is airtime extension and if you have the basic idea of what is cryptocurrency you might Understand the whole scenario easily.

Now you will be thinking why cryptocurrency isn’t it ?

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The reason behind it, is business model runs on cryptocurrency what I mean to say is you will earn cryptocurrency in the form of “Tube”. So before understanding the whole model i.e  Bittube airtime extension we will first know

bittube airtime extension interface
Bittube Airtime Extension Interface

 1.what is Bittube ?

So Bittube is the name of the company and here  “Tube” denotes the crypto currency you will earn so we will discuss the whole earning process later on this article before that don’t skip it down read the whole aricle so that you don’t have to go anywhere else and get the whole knowledge in a single page.

2. What is Airtime ?

Airtime means the time you are spending online in your laptop or desktop so it gets Recorded in the Bittube airtime extension and thus you get rewarded with “tube “tokens. The publisher not only gets tube tokens but you as a viewer also get tube tokens as well. Here I would like you to know that the Bittube airtime extension not only rewards you with “tube “ tokens but also helps In blocking ads means it will also work as a ad-Blocker , So Surf the Internet without annoying and pop up ads sound interesting right ! Yes it does .

How do I get the payouts of Bittube Airtime Extension ?

  • So you will be getting the payout 7 days after your counted airtime had been verified! Oops!No, It was Earlier 7 Days now they have roll out the payout within 3 days after the counted airtime. In order to get paid you must have earned minimum of 1 Tube or else when the minimum threshold reaches i.e 1 Tube then it will be transferred to your wallet.
  • Now when I am talking about wallet it means that the payout will be transferred in your dedicated wallet address and not directly in your bank account .so in order to know how can you transfer your tube or how can you redeem your tube read the below paragraph.

How to transfer or redeem tube from Bittube  Airtime Extension wallet ?

Now you might be having one question that How and what can I do with the Tube? isn’t it ! So there are few methods in order to redeem or use your tube .So the first method is : can trade your tube i.e you can sell or buy tube in few cryptocurrency exchanges  similarly we do in case of shares or stocks  as we trade i.e buy and sell share in the exchanges similarly you can do that so the most preferred and easy interface exchange  what bittube as well I suggest is Bittrex for its easy to navigate and  simple to understand interface.

2.  Now I have a Great news for you so while writing this article this feature which I am going to tell you in the next few lines was not there what I mean to say is the feature was on the planning process and that feature is you can directly transfer the tube into your bank account and that tube’s will be converted in your local currency sound great isn’t it ?  what you just have to do is you first have to verify your bank account and you are good to go. I have attached the screenshot below you can check it out.

Verify Bank acount  Bittube airtime extension

3. BitTube has obtained its licences for financial services (i.e. Banking and Crypto Exchange). They can now officially offer the exchange of TUBE into any crypto and any local currency! That’s correct. So in the near future, you can and should expect to get debit card as well from them which can be used for withdrawing local currency From Atm as well as you can shop in any Retail outlet accepting Master card.

So The above was The methods for getting payout ! Now in the below paragraph we will know apart from receiving tube from airtime i.e from surfing internet

What are the other methods from which we can receive Tube?

You can start receiving more tube when you link your website or social media accounts in Bittube Airtime Extension You can  Receive the AirTime rewards generated by other BitTube users who visit your websites and social accounts. Here I would like you to notedown that other Bitube users here indicate the users who already have installed  the extension if some users visit you website or social media accounts without having extension installed with them then you will not receive airtime rewards.

Please Look at the screenshot below How can You Link Your website and social media accounts with Bittube Airtime extension ?

How can You Link Your website and social media accounts with Bittube Airtime extension

You can see below Screenshot How i have linked my social media accounts in the Bittube Airtime Extension

How to Earn From Bittube airtime extension 1

You can also receive tube tokens if some one donates you Now you might be having question !

How can I start receiving donation from Bittube airtime extension right ?

So in order to get donation you should have the extension installed and the person who wants to donate you should have the extension installed  and You will have donation button ready in your website and social media accounts you can donate as well to your favorite creators or any one you would like to send. Please go through the screenshots below for clear picture

Donation Button of bittube airtime extension
Donation Button Of Bitube Airtime Extension

You can also receive tube’s as payment method for your store if you have your store with  woo commerce installed.

Now you can install the Bittube Airtime Extension Here and I would like to note it down that you will receive 5 Tube’s free  within 24 hrs after installing the Extension from this link and if you don’t get the free tube’s please feel free to drop a mail and you can comment down as well.

Have you Installed The Bittube airtime extension comment Down with Yes/No in the comment section below.

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