How To Earn Money Online From Blogging in 10 Easy Steps

How to earn money from blogging

How To Earn Money Online From Blogging

How to earn money online or make money out of your blog! You just wanted to make enough money out of your blog right. By now you should have already heard that blogging lets you make easy money. You might have already started a blog and been searching for the best way to make good ransom out of it. But one thing to remember is blogging only gives easy money after prolonged hard work. There is no such blog or website white made a tempting $$$ income without the background struggle. 

Making money out of your blog is easy but whatever it takes is your hard work in finding the best way of earning and building your website according to your need. 

So If You Haven’t started your blog so make a blog right away.

How do beginner blogs make money?

To make money as soon as starting a website or a blog is really difficult and it is the main reason why many bloggers start their blogging career and leave within months not being able to make enough money. While your blog is a beginner one, you need to concentrate more and work more on developing strategies and content which makes your blog earn well in future. Most of the bloggers to maintain their habitat, earn money in early stages of blogging by writing content for other blogs, doing freelancer jobs and many more. Something like that doing freelancing for popular blogs who give good money along with maintaining your website in the early stages of blogging. 

Is blogging profitable in 2020?

Not only now, but blogging is profitable since it was being adopted. There are a lot more ways in blogging which let you earn a decent income. In 2020 the scope of blogging will be still more increased due to the need for the best content on Google. According to statistics, the total number of websites is increased by 14% every year. And in 2020 this may grow up to 16% which means there is still scope for blogging and many successful people choose to blog as their career. 

What kind of blogs makes money?

There are not only one or two modes of earning money in blogging. There are a lot of ways in which you can earn a decent income. So there is no limit for the type of blogs to make money. Any blog can make money if you just find out the best way. There are many people who maintain multi-niche websites and make good ransom and also there are people who choose only a particular niche to make money. Either way, they make their blogs successful. Whatever you need to do is simply start a blog that you are interested and what your knowledge expertise is. Make it popular by writing good content and providing all the information that the user gets interactive with. Once your blog becomes popular you can find the best way to make money out of it.

List of ways to follow to make money out of blogging

There are a lot of ways to earn money online; you need to spend hours investigating all of them. So, we have made small research for you and listed out some of the best ways for you to make money out of your blog. 

Monetize with ads

types of advertising

Ads are the first thing that strikes anyone in their mind. And yes, you can earn very well with ads. There are many ads serving companies whose ads you can place in your blogs and make a profit out of them. Some of the best among them are Google AdSense, media net ads, Chitika ads, propeller ads, InfoLinks, amazon native ads and many more. You can register to any one of these using your blog and place their ads to your blog. You will be paid when a visitor visits your blog and clicks the ad. The most popular ad service among many others is Google AdSense. You can apply for Google AdSense with your Blog by following some guidelines. Once the AdSense account is approved you can place their ads in your blog and can make money out of it.

Sell slots for ads on web pages

It is not only the ad services that provide you ads. There are also some companies who search for websites to buy slots to place their own advertisements. Once your blog is getting popular you can approach different companies or services to sell the slots of your webpages for ads. The advantage of selling slots for ads on web pages other than ad services is that you can make your own rate for selling ad slots whereas in ad services some of the amounts are taken by Ad Company as service.

Signup for affiliates

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another best process of earning money through blogging. Many product based websites will provide affiliate services for blogs. By promoting their products in your websites you will get an affiliate commission of some percentage based on the company. Affiliate marketing is the best way of earning money at the initial stages of your blogging. Some of the examples of affiliate websites are Amazon, Flipkart, Shareasale and Clickbank. 

Sell blog posts

It is not only the users that read your content from your blogs but also other blog owners read your blog often when your blog comes to their sight. For them, you can offer blog posts and articles in your websites for revenue. When they like the content they read from your blog they would feel free to purchase from your website and in turn you would make a good profit out of it.

Use paid submissions to unlock content

This is the best strategy for earning money. Always remember that content is king. When your content is absolutely fine and is informative, users will definitely stay in your blog for longer periods. You can use this strategy in making your users pay for content.

When your content is really informative, the user does not hesitate in taking any next step to further continue to read your content. And when they wanted additional content you can provide the content on some payment. You need to provide some of the informative content for them for free. And for additional information you can lock it with paid submission and user can only access the content if he pays some amount. 

Sell Digital products

The digital products are most booming in the digital world. Many users are showing their interest in digital products like eBooks, online courses and webinars. You can make an absolute profit out of them. You can either promote digital products in the form of affiliate marketing power sell your own digital products in your websites.

Create the best Ebook or an online course or a webinar on your website and make the users feel interested in your product and let them buy your product. To make this happen first of all you need to make your user trust you. Initially provide some products for free, later when your product is popular then provide them with some charge. 

Write reviews and earn 

Reviews are most important for any product or a service.Most of the conversions will happen only based on the reviews written by other users. There are some blogs and websites that will give you money for writing reviews on their blogs. You can sign up for such websites and write reviews according to their necessity. Once you write reviews for the blogs they will give you money.  

There are also some kind of websites which will give you money for reviewing other websites. There will be blogs that use odd fonts and uneven images and a lot of popups. Websites that offer you money for reviewing other websites will keep all the other blogs which you can review and provide feedback for the owners of the blogs. Some of the examples of this kind of websites are UserTesting, Enroll, TestingTime etc. 

Write content for blogs

content marketing

Content writing is another best thing to earn passive income. The need for content writers is much more than the available content writers right now. Optimising a blog takes much time and writing the content will make it much more. For popular blogs, it takes much more time in optimizing all the posts and features of their blog. So in most of the cases, they hire content writers to write content for their blogs. 

If you are able to create awesome content then you could make a good amount out of it. You can use your blog to promote yourself as a content writer. Write some non-copyright articles and place it on your website for sale. And most importantly mention that you are a content writer. And once your articles are promoted the visitor’s who might own a website or a blog. And when they need a content writer they will contact you. 

Do freelancing service


Like content writing, there is also a need for freelance workers. Even though most of the aspects of blogging are easy there are some situations that every blogger cannot rectify. For example, a code error in the theme cannot be rectified by a science blogger as his expertise is in teaching science. So people like them would hire freelance workers who will complete different works for them. 

You can join as a freelance worker based on your expertise. There are many websites like Truelancer, Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr etc. who give freelance jobs for you. Sign up for one of these websites and find a freelance job for you on that website and by doing it you can earn a good ransom. 

Start an eCommerce website

There are many eCommerce sites running with great income. From a single niche to multi-niche, many kinds of eCommerce store are developed. You can earn good money with Start your own eCommerce website by taking products from various partner websites. Place products on the website and promote them and when users purchases products from your website you will get income. 


These are not the only ways that you can earn money through blogging but there are many you can if you dig more. But most of them are included in the above 10 modes. So, start a blog of your own on any niche and start optimizing it with content. Once your blog is well optimized, visit this page again and choose one of these methods and implement it in your blog and start earning money. 

So this was Few Methods On How to earn money online, If you already have a blog and is well optimized, stop hesitating! You have already wasted a lot of time. Just follow one of these methods and earn some potential. 


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