How To Start A Free Blog in 2020

How To Start A Blog

My Experience Story

Well, I know how hard it is for a student or a newbie to start a paid blog with Web hosting and domain charges as because of a few years back when I was an also a newbie I faced the same problem starting a paid blog with WordPress and this is the reason I thought to share How to start a free Blog A ultimate guide to you where you can start your blog absolutely for free or if you want a custom domain in blogger then you just need to pay few dollars only per year and earn money out of it. A few years back I got an in-depth interest in blogging and that is the reason I started my first blog Techyvidya with 2 blog post less the 500 words hehe (: in Blogspot and if you really want to laugh out loudly you should visit Techyvidya seriously but I laugh and feel proud at the same time because that scratch blog helped and taught me How to Become a professional blogger.

How To Start A Free Blog in 2020 1

So don’t worry I will show you how to start a free blog in a step by step process and take out all possible fragrance from the free tools as possible.

If you love to write, If you just want to share your ideas, thoughts, Feeling and expression then starting a free blog is fine but if you want more customization power more professional look blog then you need to start a paid blog don’t worry I will share you the best cheap web hosting Providers

Now Let’s Come Straight into the step by step process on how can you start a free blog with

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How to Create A Blog on Blogger

Step 1– First you need to visit then you need to click on the create your blog button However if you don’t know blogger then let me tell you that it is a product of Google itself where you can start a blog for free.

How To Start A Free Blog

No 2 Step– After clicking on the Create your blog you will need to sign in through your preferred email but I will recommend you to create a separate mail for your blog Now after signing in you need to Give a display name you can give your First name as a Display name or anything you think relevant to it. It might not appear to you so don’t worry move to the next step


Step 3– Creating a Blog In Blogger is really easy it’s a few steps process Now you need to give your title, Web address i.e the domain name you want, later you can purchase a custom domain for few bucks only if you want or else will be visible along with your domain. You need to choose a theme as well from a few lists.

The title should be short yet appealing what the blog is for

Domain Name Should be short Sweet And Funky type domain name which can catch user attention, also you need to check domain availability If You want can you read the step no 1 How to select the proper domain in my another article by clicking the Button Below

Click Here

After Doing all The Process Click On the create Blog Button please refer to the screenshot below.


No 4 Step– Now You will get a success message confirming that your blog has been created successfully Cheers (: Your Blog has created successfully but this is not where I am going to end the article I will show you every possible thing to get completely get started Now you will get an option to purchase a custom domain from google and it’s really cheap however if you wish you can continue with the free domain you can.


Step 5– Now I will show how simply you can create your first post so you simply need to click on the new post button or create a new post button to get started but make sure to add your domain in google search console so that Google can crawl your blog which I will show in the next step please refer to the screenshot below.


No 6 Step- How to add Your URL in Google Search Console

I have written a dedicated article on that please go through the detailed step by step guide on how to add URL in google.

Step No 7– Now I will show you the tools, of content writing layout briefly so that you can get started still if you face any problem please don’t hesitate to contact.


No 8 Step– You can Customize Layout To an Extent, You can also add your brand logo as a favicon By clicking the edit option and then uploading your own brand logo, You can also add different gadgets in your layout etc.


Step No 9– This is Where You can see your statistic of your blog where the traffic is coming from i.e traffic sources and all the few elements of traffic sources this is the place where you can analyze your traffic and audience as well.


No 10 Step- This is where you can apply for Google Adsense as well you can see you’re earning. You can also see whether your blog is eligible or not for applying google Adsense currently I don’t have any blog post that is the reason ist showing you are not eligible. if you are curious about Google AdSense you can consider reading the Ultimate Google Adsense Guide.


Step No 11- If you wish you can change the theme you want you can choose a theme and customize it to an extent however you don’t have infinite control of customization in blogger that is one of the drawbacks of the blogger but in WordPress you are going to get infinite control over customization. you can also edit the HTML from this option as well.


No 12 Step- Lastly This is where you can set up your blog in the setting section as well Ranging from basic Setting to other settings but here i will show one important setting i.e Import and backup this is where you can Import your existing content from import content tab you can also backup Your blog as well.


This is how you can start a free blog from so I will also write an In-Depth Article on The content management system of or whole about this platform.

Now I Let You know how to create a WordPress blog for free

How to start a WordPress blog for free

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Step 1- So to create a WordPress blog for free you need to go to and need to click on the start your blog Button.


No 2 Step- After clicking on the start your blog you will get plenty of option to choose from i.e what kind of site you want to build so as of now we will go with the first option i.e blog click on the blog option.


Step 3- Now you need to choose the topic you want to blog if you want to start a food blog then you cant start a food blog by choosing the Food as the option if you don’t see the topic you want to blog simply you can search the topic from the search bar.


No 4 Step- After Clicking the continue button you need to give your blog name you can give your name as a blog name For Example Kazi’s Blog then click on the continue button.


Step 5- Now this is one of the most Important part do it carefully what you need to do is you need to choose a domain name if you want to know how you can choose the domain name you can to read here how to choose a perfect domain name if you already have a domain name you can put the domain name on already have domain name or else you can choose the domain later as well.


No 6 Step- After Choosing the domain name hit the enter button you will get to know that the domain name you have selected is available or not then you need to click on the select option.


Step 7- After clicking on the select option you will get plenty of paid option for hosting your site in WordPress with the very minimum cost, you can go with the paid plan if you want, I will suggest you select the personal plan or else I will show how to choose the free plan in WordPress in the next step.


No 8 Step- Here I will show how to choose the free extension now to do that you need to click on the chose domain later first you need to click on the start a free site now option then you are good to go.


Step 9- You will see a success message that your site has been created You can now set up your and customize your blog. You can now also write your blog post I will also show you the complete setup and guide of WordPress as well in the upcoming article so stay tuned


This is how to start a free blog in WordPress next i will show you how to start a free blog in wix.

How to start a free blog in Wix

Step No 1-  simply you need to visit and need to click on the get started button.

How to get started with wix

No 2 Step– After Clicking on the get started button you need to signup or can continue with google as well


Step 3- Now You Will get 2 Option to To create your blog (A) You need to answer few questions from Wix and automatically wix will create a blog based on your answer (B) You can start with your own blog by Wix editor Choose your template and simply drag and drop the elements. So we will start with Step B you will know how to start a free blog using step B starting from scratch.


No 4 Step- You will get plenty of templates and themes to choose from choosing any free theme according to taste and preference, according to the niche of your blog. For example, let us create a food blog and choose a food-related template.


Step No 5- After Clicking on Edit Button of The Template you are good to go Its super easy to edit and rearrange anything you want you can add apps in your website, you can add booking, you can sell your products and many more just you need to play with the wix editor and you will be familiar with it. After doing all your edit just hit the publish button and your site will be ready.


No 6 Step- You can also connect your existing domain if you have or else you can go with the free domain from Wix which is absolutely free you just need to click on the setting button click on connect the domain and then you need to choose the option then hit on the save and continue button.


This is how to start a free blog with Wix I will also publish an in-depth article on the content management system of Wix as well.


So these are the best and popular 3 platforms where you can start a free blog but if your starting new and just only want to blog then you can go with its really simple to use no complexity is there on the content management systems of and the best part is it’s a product of Google and i found in my personnel experience that Google easily and quickly crawl the blog hosted on so in SEO Perspective its really good to have a simple blog in on the other hand the drawback of is the power of customization the customization is really poor in so that is the reason I have mentioned other 2 platforms along with so if you need the power of customization then you can go with or you can go with which is really an awesome platform for customization it allows you to get the blog or website according to your taste and preference, Look and feel.

That’s it if you love the article please do share with your friend and family and don’t forget to comment below.


Kazi (:

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