11 Easy Hacks On How To Write An Article

11 Easy Hacks on How To Write An Article

My Experience Story

Before You Know how to write an article I want to share you my experiences, If you don’t know let me tell you the first article which I have written and published, I have written it very well though it was my first article I don’t have any grammatical error or error in English as well my article was nice, digestible, Informative and straight forward but still I have made many mistakes and I will let you know what are all the mistakes I have done and the solution for that as well.

  1. So the first mistake which I have done is improper blog post format or you can say I have not done the proper format of the article.
  2. Proper Heading is really important you cant make hotchpotch of your heading you need to give a proper title heading subheadings etc and how to give a proper title heading subheading I will let you know that as well
  3. I don’t use to share story people love stories and that is the reason I give my experience story in every article.
  4. I don’t use many infographics as well which directly impacts the user session on my website.

I always enjoy it when I write something and you should as well so after you know how to write an article you should love to write an article. So now I will go straight to the hacks on how to write a good article

11 Hacks On How To Write A Good Article

  • Research Your Topic
  • Generate Ideas And Collect And Backup Data From Different Sources.
  • Mix Your Ideas With The Generated Ideas.
  • Start Researching Primary As Well As Secondary Keywords For Your Topic.
  • Properly Give And Use Your Headings Such As H1, H2….H6.
  • Write A Experience Story.
  • Use Active Voice Over Passive Voice
  • Consider Writing In-Depth Article And Long Article.
  • Write Short Paragraphs.
  • Use Images And Infographics Which You Can Make Through Graphic Design Software.
  • Use A Free Grammer Checker Tool Named: Grammarly

Now I will explain each and every hacks in a step by step manner which will you to resolve your query on how to write an article or how to write a good article, moving to the first hack I will discuss about

11 Easy Hacks On How To Write An Article 3

#Hack 1: Research Your Topic

The very first thing when it comes in my mind on how to write an article is researching the topic finding a topic to write is not a big deal or is not rocket science still if you still feel getting or finding content ideas is something which makes you feel burden don’t worry I have a solution for that as well you can use 2 free tools which named Buzzsumo and Answer the public tool which will never make you out of content ideas.

Now moving forward let suppose you have a topic or a content idea on “How To Make Shoes” Now having a content idea is not enough in today competition era if you will search anything in google you will get a solution for it you will get tons of solutions in almost everything, now you have a content idea “How To Make Shoes” but why you want to write an article on it when it has tons of solution already ??

You should write an article if you can provide extra value which no one is providing nowhere it where comes researching your topic isn’t it to write an article you should first research your topic first see which are the article which is ranking on the first page of google see it thoroughly and make a plan according to it.

#Hack 2: Generate Ideas And Data From Different Sources.

Now hack 2 what you need to do is you need to generate ideas from different sources and you need to back up your findings with research what I mean to say is the research and findings you are doing make it publicly available or link it to your article.

Now Let Suppose You are writing an article on the future of digital marketing now I believe you will generate and research ideas now let suppose you got a data from some authority sites about the increase in internet users now what you can do is you can link this data in your article because the data of increase in internet users have relevancy with the future of digital marketing isn’t. This will help you in building your page authority.

You should also put some statistic and data to backup your ideas and research as neil patel also recommend to do so

You can also Watch This Video 10 Commandments of Content Marketing From Neil Patel

#Hack 3: Mix Your Ideas With Generated and Research Ideas

Now when you are writing an article there should be your opinion as well your personality voice tone should be reflected in the article, Now you can take ideas from different sources but ultimately you need to share your piece of content in your own style to the world and also I will recommend is you should and can back up your opinion with data and findings. And to know how to find data and findings of your niche you can watch the video below.

#Hack 4: Start Researching Primary As Well As Secondary Keywords For Your Topic.

First, let me explain if you don’t know what is keywords in short keywords are the queries which we search in google or any search engine for example how to start a blog and we get a result and solution for that right.

So that means when you write an article you should probably write an article which people are looking for right if people are looking for ABC and not XYZ then you should probably use the keyword ABC and not XYZ. Now there is a way of choosing the right keywords from the best keyword research tool you should know that as well.

In short, you should choose a keyword that has less competition and a decent search volume and choose a long tail keyword because the conversion rate of the long tail is very high.

choose a long tail keyword because the conversion rate of the long tail is very high.
Source: Commonplaces.com

Primary keywords are the parent and are the main keywords For Example ” Shoes” is Primary keywords and “Shoes For Men” “Shoes For Women” Is the secondary keyword.

#Hack 5: Properly Give And Use Your Headings Such As H1, H2….H6.

You should properly use your heading, For example, the primary keyword should be there in the URL and the title and else the secondary keywords should be from H2 or ahead

There should be proper layout and structure of your article let me show the layout and the structure of one my article Below with the help of screenshot.

Article Layout and structure

#Hack 6: Write An Experience Story i.e Storytelling

People Love Storytelling Catch readers attention on the beginning of your article if you have caught your visitors or readers attention on the beginning of the article then there will high probability that the reader will get stuck in your article and he might end reading the whole article as well there are also chances that the readers might get interested on your other article as well, this also helps in reducing your bounce rate as well which is great in terms of SEO.

If you have noticed or if you are a regular reader of my blog you might be noticed that I write the first few paragraphs On storytelling i.e I share My experience story first and then I begin with the article.

experience story

Storytelling also gives your Article a boost and it’s memorable as well, Research shows that messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just facts you can also check out the article below on:

#Hack 7: Use Active Voice Over Passive Voice

I always recommend to use active voice over passive voice and I also use active voice in my articles while writing let me give you an example of an active and passive voice.

  1. Active Voice: You Stole The Cookie From The Jar.
  2. Passive Voice: The Cookie Was Stolen From The Cookie Jar.

Also, try to make a personal connection with your readers use “I” and “YOU” to make a connection as you are reading this article are you feeling a connection with me? Yes right!. So make your tone in such a way that people feel a connection. There is one of my favorite hack and one of the hacks for your query on how to write an article.

#Hack 8: Consider Writing In-Depth Article And Long Article.

Google as well as we like and love the long article and when I am saying long article it means an article which is a long and in-depth article which covers A-Z solution of people searching for

So people are searching for cake don’t only tell them about cake also tell them where they can get cake how they can make the cake so on and so forth But make sure it relates or are interrelated to each other. Also, write long articles write more then 2000+ articles in case if you can write try not to write less then 600 to 700 words.

So there is a Plugin Named RankMath Plugin where you can do your on-page SEO, so from rank math itself, you can track the words count. let me show where

rank math plugin

#Hack 9 : Write Short Paragraphs.

Always write short paragraphs which should not be more then 80-100 words why I am saying is because the shorter the paragraph the more digestible it will for readers, if you see short paragraphs is also good in terms of content readability.

Try to explain and break down the topic in multiple section to make a lengthy or long article in a shorter paragraph.

I also use short paragraphs on all of my articles you are reading this article make sure you observe the lengths of the paragraphs you will find all are shorts paragraphs. This is also a hack on how to write an article.

#Hack 10: Use Images And Infographics.

Use Images And Infographics Which You Can Make Through Graphic Design Software as well as there is an outstanding and easy to use the tool named Infogram, so what are the things you can do with these tools.

So with infogram you can easily create images, Pie charts, Line charts, Pictorial, Column charts and many more and the interesting part is you don’t need to spend hrs and hours to make a pie chart gone are the days where we use to spend hours and hours making charts for our project isn’t it, today time is money so don’t spend your precious time on making charts rather what you can do is you just need put the data and infogram will help you out making charts within minutes.

So why Images and Infographics are needed to see if you don’t put any infographics that means you are not giving any reason for your visitors and readers to get attracted in your blog or article. You should also go through an article below on the benefits of infographics.

#Hack 11: Use A Free Grammar Checker Tool Named: Grammarly

Grammarly review

If you are worried about making spelling and grammars mistakes don’t worry because even I and many of the great content writer does the same so you are not alone in the race and bye the way why will you be worry when we have a free solution for it yes you heard it right.

Grammarly is a free grammar checker tool that will make your writing style more effective and there are a whole lot of things which you can do with Grammarly and I have a dedicated article specifically on Grammarly I recommend you go through the below article as well.

This is the last but most effective hack on how to write an article please let me know in the comment section below which among the 11 hacks on how to write an article you liked and loved the most.



So this is all about the ways methods to write an article the hacks on how to write an article, what I will suggest and recommend is use all the hacks so that you can write an article effectively and I am sure your audience and visitors will love it.

Use all the hacks in a step by step manner and ultimately you will see you are writing the article in an effective way don’t only think of your perspective you need to think about the reader’s psychology as well you need to put your legs in your customer shoe so that you can understand the customers or readers intent you need to understand the customer intent. Think your self as a reader if you will go through an article what are the things you want in that I am sure you will get your answers. So make sure you include all the ingredients which readers want.

I hope you have loved this article feel free if you have any queries or doubts.

Thats all for this article on how to write an article.

Ta Da


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