The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Online Plagiarism Checker

online plagiarism checker

Online Plagiarism Checker

An Online Plagiarism checker is a useful tool that will help you check Plagiarised content. These online Plagiarism checker tools will help you to check whether your content is unique or it has been copied from any other posts. It is always very important to check the uniqueness of your post before publishing it in your blogs. There are chances of Plagiarism up to 5 to 10% even if you write your content by yourself uniquely. or if you have your content writer who writes for you then you must check whether the content he/she is providing to you is authentic or is stolen from other content. To avoid this kind of Plagiarism errors you can use any one of these online Plagiarism checker tools discussed in this post.

Online Plagiarism Checker

What is Plagiarism?

If you are originally a blogger or a content marketer or planning to start a blog you would obviously know what Plagiarism is. If not take some time to learn about plagiarism here. Plagiarism is a red mark in the content. You need to make sure that, any part of your content is not already written in any other blogs. 

If you are a blogger you definitely need to check your articles for Plagiarism, many young or new bloggers who start blogging may not want to spend much time on writing or investing on content and they start copying content from other blogs. 

Even though the content is originally of the owner he might be affected for Plagiarism because of copied content. If you are unlucky and if your content is copied by another blogger you should face the same problem. The Other blog that has copied your content may rank better than your blog in these cases. So, you should constantly check for Plagiarism on your posts from time to time.

Coming to the bloggers and content marketers who hire content writers for their content should also be aware of this Plagiarism. The content writers may copy the content from any other blog and sell the content to the bloggers. The bloggers in a hurry without noticing this, they might post the content in their blogs. In such cases, the blogs may be affected by negative SEO.

For bloggers, it is not the only case. When bloggers accept guest posts on their sites, the other person may provide a copy content which will also affect your SEO. 

Intentional plagiarism

When the content is copied from any other blogs and used for personal branding may lie under International Plagiarism. As professional bloggers know about this illegal act they do not do such things. There will be a problem with only freelancers and content writers who write for the bloggers that may cause intentional Plagiarism.

Unintentional Plagiarism

Unintentional Plagiarism is often observed with many bloggers. This would be mainly because some sentences of the content written by bloggers exactly match with other blog content without their knowledge. 

Even if your blog is found out with intentional Plagiarism or unintentional Plagiarism you should face the consequence of Plagiarism penalty. 

Online plagiarism checker tools for bloggers

Because of all these errors, you should definitely use some Plagiarism tool to check Plagiarism of your content. So here are some of the best online Plagiarism checking tools for bloggers.

SmallSEOTools online plagiarism checker

smallseotool plagiarism checker

If you are a blogger you would definitely know what the SmallSEOTools consist of. This site small SEO tools include many services within it such as live tracker, backlink maker, Google PageRank checker, search engine pingler and many more. 

All these tools are available for free in SmallSEOTools. This site also provides you with a Plagiarism checker which is also absolutely for free. You can use this tool to search for Plagiarism in your content. you can search up to Thousand Words at a time using this tool.

You can also upload a document into this tool. Once you have copied or uploaded the document into the tool click on check Plagiarism tool. The tool will show you the uniqueness or the Plagiarism of the content you have pasted and will show you the sentence wise results for you. You can compare these results with the original post or you can also use rewrite Plagiarised content button which will be shown below the content.

small seo

Copyscape Online Plagiarism checker

copyscape seo tool

The CopyScape is another best Plagiarism checking tool for bloggers. The free version of this Plagiarism tool is somewhat different from other Plagiarism tools. 

While in other Plagiarism checking tools you search the unpublished content for plagiarism, in the CopyScape you can search for your published content whether it is plagiarised by any other bloggers. That means this tool focuses on searching Plagiarism for published content. 

As we have said earlier if your posts are copied by any other blogger, along with his content your content may also be facing Plagiarism penalty. So by using this CopyScape, you can search for your articles that have already published for Plagiarism.

If you wanted to perform Plagiarism test form content by copying, you need to go for the premium option of CopyScape.


Dupli chcker plagiarism tool

DupliChecker is the best tool that is available for bloggers for free. The DupliChecker is not only an online Plagiarism checker tool. It also includes a grammar checker along with the related keywords finder and keyword rank checker.

You can use this free tool to check up to 1000 words for Plagiarism or you can upload a document of any length into the drop pad. Once you have uploaded the content and clicked on search Plagiarism button, it shows the percentage of content that is Plagiarised and percentage of content that is unique. 

It also shows the source of the Plagiarised content. You can compare this text with the original text by pressing the button below the content. If you have found some ignorable similarities and the total unique content is high with a green mark you can proceed to use your content freely.


online Plagiarism checker

The Plagiarisma is a free tool to check plagiarism. The Plagiarisma announces itself as an alternative of CopyScape and Turnitin. They also say that it is best suitable for academic students, but in my opinion, it is also useful for any professional writers or bloggers who work on content. 

In the Plagiarisma online Plagiarism checker tool, you can directly upload the documents from Google drive. The best thing in Plagiarisma is that you can search for Plagiarism of content in either google or Bing. Once you have copied the content and selected the search engine, you can click on check duplicate content and it shows the results for Plagiarism which you can compare from there itself.

The Plagiarisma offers you a hundred Plagiarism checks after you have registered.  After your 100 Plagiarism checks have been completed you can unlock unlimited searches by paying $25 for 3 months.

Grammarly Plagiarism tool

The Grammarly checking tool is the tool that most of the bloggers are using right now for their writing aid purposes. We already know this Grammarly checking tool will help us in rectifying any grammatical or readability errors in your content. Apart from online Plagiarism checker, Grammarly is also a Free grammar checker

But this Grammarly tool is also included with a Plagiarism checking tool. This tool will help you better than any other tool in checking Plagiarism.

Even though many of the Grammarly features are for free, you need to you have a premium account to use Grammarly’s Plagiarism tool. By annual billing, you can pay $11.66 per month to use the premium account of Grammarly along with the Plagiarism tool.

Once you have purchased the premium account of Grammarly you can use this Plagiarism tool to check any content for Plagiarism for free.

How to use these Plagiarism checking tools

The Plagiarism checking tools’ interface is very easy that any user can use without having prior knowledge of blogging or content writing. 

  1. Choose the best Plagiarism checking tool from the above list and open the webpage. In the webpage, you can find the interface of using the tool to check plagiarism.
  2. In the blank space provided in the tool enter the total content, you need to search for. Make sure that the number of words does not exceed the recommended number of words by the tool. 
  3. Now that you have entered the content you need to check, click on the ‘Check for Plagiarism’ button available in the tool. Now the tool will start analysing your content by checking in the search engines for copies of your content. 
  4. If it finds any copied content from any other blogs it will show the Plagiarism mark for that sentence. It will also show you the total percentage of these Plagiarised sentences in the total content.
  5. You can rewrite the sentences that are plagiarized and you can search again for plagiarism in the tool.
  6. If there are no Plagiarised sentences found in your article, it will show you a hundred percentage uniqueness for the content.
plagiarism checker


Plagiarism is always an illegal act when considered by search engines. When your website is found with most Plagiarised contents you will get a Plagiarism penalty for your website or blog. 

If you are a blogger asking your content writers to write content for you, educate them very well about the Plagiarism and make sure that they do not do these kinds of things that lead your blog to be penalized. And also check every content you get from content writers and guest bloggers in the above-shown online Plagiarism checker tools.

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