An Outstanding Political Marketing Video By CPIM

Now it might not be an Outstanding Political Marketing Video for you “Might Be” but being a marketing student as well as a marketing profession i just loved the video its mindblowing video outstanding video and as a digital creator and marketing person, I always belives that content, product and services cannot be pushed to the audiences rather the content product and services should engage people, engagement is an utmost important aspect of marketing I believe..

Now you might ask me what is this video embedded below is? , i believe its an outstanding political marketing video now the content of the video is very simple CPIM a political party has fired their strong opposition party i,e TMC Trinamool Congress and BJP Bharatiya Janta Party and they have fired or might say opposed in such a creative way that you cant imagine of.

Right now there is a Bengali song “TUMPA SONA” which is currently a trending song in west Bengal it’s a Bengali song now CPIM as taken this song has modified it created an animated video and have published this video.

I and many of my marketing profession friends use to discuss sometimes the political parties and one of them ask me Hey Kazi why CPIM is degrading day by day so my answer a was to them was that CPIM is not active in social media they don’t do campaigns and all that stuffs wheres if you see BJP, TMC and other parties especially BJP they are doing really great Social Media Marketing.

Now this video has gone viral specially in the youth section again i would say it an outstanding political marketing video.

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Video Source: News Today Kolkata

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