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publer review

My Experience Story

The main reason behind writing publer review is very simple and I will let you know the reason why I am writing about publer. Before that let me tell you that publer is a free social media management tool they have paid plan as well and I have a surprise for you as well at the end of the article so stay tuned till the end.

I have many social media accounts for my blog but to be very frank I was unable to manage each and every social media accounts at the same time sharing blog post and infographics, by going to each and every social media accounts were really hectic and time-consuming and literally to be very frank my time and energy were getting exhausted and finally I ended up with posting regularly to each and every social media accounts.

Then I came up with some free social media management tools, for example, Hootsuite buffer and a few more I started using these tools as well but I ended up using these tools as well, and do you know the reason why? because in the free version of Hootsuite and buffer they only allow 2-3 social media accounts to connect and again ultimately I left using these tools as well.

Recently I came across publer I used it and still using it these social media managemet tool is a game-changer for everyone and especially for beginners as well do you why because these social media management tools is giving you 5 social media management tools to connect in their free version which no one in the market provides. This is the main reason behind publer review.


Publer Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Publer is an outstanding social media management tools and a great tool for a newbie as well, it has grabbed my attention as well you might ask why I am saying a great social media management tools for a newbie? the answer is the interface of publer is really neat and clear very simple to understand not complicated menus and tabs you will be able to get familiar with publer dashboard very quickly.

Also, there are few features that I really like is the auto-scheduling and auto recycle feature and in free version also you get a whole lot of features that many social media management tools doest provide.

Benefits Of Using Publer

So let me list you some benefits which you get in the publer free plans:-

  • 1. Status updates, links, single photos
  • 2. Customize and preview posts
  • 3. Calendar view mode
  • 4. Auto schedule
  • 5. Shortcodes
  • 6.Link shortening
  • 7. Upload photos from URL
  • 8. Group the social accounts
  • 9. Add a delay between posts
  • 10. 5 social accounts
  • 11. 0 additional team members
  • 12. 50 pending scheduled posts
  • 13. 25 saved drafts
  • 14. 24 hours posts history

Now let come straight to how you can get started with publer

How To Get Started With Publer?

#1. Go To Publer then you will get an option on the homepage itself to try the free version click on the button put your details and signup or else you can also log in through your Google and Facebook account.

How to signup in publer

Now once you signed up and then when you will sign in to your dashboard you will realize why I was appreciating so much for this particular social media management tool.

Now let me show you how can you schedule your post with publer.

How Can You Connect Your Social Media Accounts With Publer?

#1. Once you are in your dashboard you first need to connect your social media accounts with publer before scheduling the posts so to do that you will have two option you can either click on the add account button or the accounts tab button in the dashboard let me clear you with the screenshot below.

How to connect social media accounts with publer

#2. Now you will be redirected to the page where you can connect your social media profiles starting from Facebook to google my business account now if you don’t know what is google my business then I recommend to watch my complete free “Google My Business Mastery Course” but please note the videos are in the Hindi language.

connect social media accounts with publer

You Can also Now add instagram and pininterest as well by making a zap via zapier and its really super duper easy to make but still you might get diffculty adding instagram and pinteret but know need to worry Just follow the below guide step by step.

How To Schedule Your Social Media Post With Publer

Now I believe you are done with connecting your social media profiles now its time to show you how you can automate your social media stuff with publer or how can you schedule your social media post. so there are many things which you can do with publer but right now simply I will show how you can schedule your post there are many things you can do with your social media post with publer for example recycling of post as well but for now, I will only show you the simple way to schedule your or automate your post.

How to schedule Your social media post with publer

Now inside Scheduling, there are 4 options to schedule your social media post i.e you can go for manual scheduling, Autoschdule, Recycle, and Recurring I will explain these 4 options in detail.

Publer schedule
  • Manually Schedule: If you want to schedule at a particular time you can do that as well by clicking on the manually scheduling but every time you need to give a date and time when you want to make a social media post. This process is a little time-consuming. But Don’t worry there are other options too.
  • Auto schedule: In auto-schedule, you don’t need to give time and date you only need to create a post and then just hit the auto-schedule button but before that, you need to create timeslot and to know how to create time slot consider reading below article. Please note that you can create a different time slot for different social media accounts or if you want to keep same time slot for all your social media accounts then create a time slot for a single social meid account and then click on the duplicate setting which you will get in the setting section of that particular social media.
  • Recurring Post Schedule:- You can set up a start and end date for the posts to be reposted if you take an example of mutual fund sip what it does it deducts money every month or quarter from our bank accounts right similarly what publer does is it post the same things at a particular time interval.
  • Recycling Post :- This feature is great when you have something to sell if you have some product or services then you don’t want to tell your audience only once right you need to constantly remind your audience that you are selling a particular product and services. Also, one advantage which you can do from this feature is let suppose you go live every Sunday on Facebook so you constantly recycle a post stating you are going live so every time you don’t need to manually write.

Super Feature Of Publer

feature of publer
  • Multiple schedule Option I have already explained in the How To Schedule Your Social Media Post With Publer section please go through if you haven’t.
  • Create a Team: You can also manage multiple team members in publer and you can assign a different roles to different members you can either make an admin or you can make an editor as well. let me show you how can you do that.

How To Create A Team On Publer

#1. The very First thing which you need to do is click on the team button on the publer dashboard itself and then click on the + Button.

create a team in publer review

#2. Once you have clicked on the + button the next thing which you need to do is you need to send an invite to the team members you simply need to put their email address assign a role and assign which social media accounts you want your team to take control and then click on the add button.

create a team in publer review

Once You have clicked the add button you are all done.

  • Analytics:- Publer Analytics is something different from others and what’s the difference? you might ask me and the difference is its Simplicity yet effective you can see your post engagement i.e you can see likes, comments, followers shares, and all through the publer analytics. To view the analytics just click on the analytics tab and then view insights for then you can click on the date range as well.
publer analytics

There Are Whole lot of features of publer and each and everything of publer is explained by publer itself you can go to the link below to learn each and everything from publer.

Lifetime Deal Of Publer

Now remembered on the beginning of the post I have told that I have good news for you and here it is if you will go through the plans and pricing of publer you will not get lifetime deal you need to pay for their premium either you can pay monthly or weekly but don’t worry I have publer lifetime deal from appsumo i.e you pay once and publer is all your happy right? yes, you should (:

General Plans And Pricing of Publer


In Appsumo You get lifetime deal of publer with a starting price of $39 So what are you waiting for go grab your lifetime code.

Detailed Publer Review + Tutorial 2020 3


I believe publer is a very powerful tool one things which I like and I use to tell again and again is the publer interface its super duper easy neat and clean I also believe with the coming time publer is also going to add many more features and if you are a complete beginner then don’t look here and there go for publer because the ease publer no one gives I would also like to let you know that publer customer service is really awesome even I have many doubts while I was working and playing with publer but trust me publer have helped me clear each and every doubt’s I have.

I only write a dedicated article which I think gives value to people and publer is out of one and this is the reason i thought to write a publer review.

One thing which publer is missing is the App, which is necessary to track the result from the mobile itself but I hope in the near future it might come.

Lastly, if you have any queries or doubts please feel free to write down in the comment section below also please let me also know whether you are using publer or not.

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