How to Start a Blog from Scratch in 2020?

Let me begin with my little story first then we will learn to How to start a blog step by step  Now you might be having a question why should I listen to your story right?

start a blog

And the reason is very simple you are reading this story I had also gone through the story of many bloggers and I have also gone through a similar situation as you are in this moment right now that

  1. Should I start a blog
  2. whether I can do blogging
  3. How to start a blog

4. How to earn through blogging

5. can I create a brand through blogging or not

So you know what to be very frank a few years back I was not having any relationship with this 3B i.e Blog ‘ Blogging ‘ and Blogger I was not having any tiny knowledge about what is blog how to do blogging, How to start a blog and who is known as blogger neither majority of people where I live knows, you know what I am from a small town and me and the people from here hardly had any relationship with Blogging.

Now my interest in blogging arises a few years back when I started learning digital marketing and it really turned me on, blogging became my hunger passion and you know what to implement practical things of digital marketing you should have a blog or start a blog and my journey of blogging started from there. TechyVidya was my first blog in my life with 2 blog post less then 500 words and trust me if you want to laugh out loudly you should visit that blog seriously.

But today I do blogging professionally and blogging not only helps me in Sharing Article and my experiences But it also helps me to implement the practical things of digital marketing.


Web Hosting

So I hope this little tiny story of blogging on how i start a blog will at least help in getting started with your dream blog today and earn money.

I will also Like to Name this article as a “1-Day Blogging Training” as because this article will help you in every possible way to start, process, and Complete Your Blogging setup today itself if you follow the step by step process.

So now lets get straight into blogging and follow the guide step by step.

Table of contents

1.How to select proper domain

2.How to choose your web hosting service

3.How to know your niche

4. How to select the web hosting plan best for beginners /newbie’s

5.How to buy web hosting plan .

6.How to install the  wordpress into your blog

7.How to choose proper theme for your blog

7. what are the necessary plugins you should install into your blog

8. what are the necessary page you should create ?

9. How to write your first blog post ?

10.How to monetize your blog ?

Step 1: How to select proper domain

Let me suppose believe that when you are reading this post you might already have some domain names in your mind but doesn’t necessarily means that you should have it it’s okay to don’t have a plan for a domain if you already had then its great.

Now for a while let me think that you already have a domain name but having domain name planned doesn’t necessarily means that you have chosen a proper domain right your domain plays a crucial factor in your brand image. so before proceeding to my opinion on how to select a proper domain name I have a piece of good news for you.  If you already thought of some domain names you can contact us with your domain and niche and topics you will cover in your blog we will evaluate it for you free. Sounds great right!

And now if you don’t have any domain name in your mind  let me suggest you the through the following methods

  1. Try to choose a domain name which is relevant to your niche or topic of blogging, for example, my domain is which means knowledge so I give knowledge of blogging and digital marketing right. similarly, if you want to blog about health and beauty as your topic of blogging so you choose a domain name which is relevant to your topic for ex:
  2. This is one of the great methods of choosing a domain name If you want to take advantage of SEO you should go for the second method. Let say for example you want to blog about How to Earn Money Online and if you choose the keyword as your domain name its great for SEO now you might think what is keywords, keywords are the query which people look for. Let say for example I have searched in google earn money online and if you choose a domain name as your chances of ranking in Google might increase.
  3. Prefer .com .org or .net  domain name above everything else this is the top domain
  4. Your domain name should be easy to pronounce and easy to Remember.
  5. Make sure your domain name should not be confusing to the listener.
  6. Try short Sweet And Funky type domain name which can catch user attention

Now you have chosen the domain name and you are not sure that whether the domain name is taken or not, who had taken the domain name and up to when –the expiry date of the domain, from which web hosting it had been purchased

So if you want to about this you can visit  and check out the details I hope it will help check out the screenshot below.

Step 2: How to know your niche

This the area where you are going to get your answer within. I am not going to answer hehe (: just kidding ask yourself why you want Start to blog what you want to and when you are going to blog ask this “3w” first. then ask yourself no 1. what you like 2. What are you good at.

Now let’s say you love motorcycle so you can start a blog about the motorcycle, you have great knowledge about health and beauty so you can blog about beauty and health. Don’t blog for the sake of only money take your blog as a passion and do Blogging which you love as well as have knowledge about it.

Try to Choose a Niche which is Unique and have less blog on that niche it will help you in getting rank easily and quickly which will result in Organic Traffic.

Moreover, I will suggest you that blog on a single topic or you can start a blog in a few topics which are relevant to each other or you can say topics which are related or interlinked with each other.

Step 3: How to choose your web hosting service

So we have selected

  1. Domain Name
  2. Niche

Next What ?

Now we will Select the blogging platform and web hosting service

Interestingly you know  what 30% of the websites in the world is powered by WordPress.

And definitely, I will suggest you use WordPress because WordPress is really powerful and especially if are non-techy guy WordPress is must for you because WordPress tools and plugins will make it easy to build up your website without touching a single code. You can “Say No To Coding”.

Now its time to invest a little now, Irrigate it and eat the fruit in the future its time buy a domain name that we have selected in the first step and a web hosting solution.

Now here the confuses arises there are many Good hosting providers which are listed below but how to choose proper web hosting solution?

  1. Hostgator
  2. Godaddy
  3. Bluehost
  4. A2Hosting
  5. SiteGround

For newbie, I will always prefer these following criteria for choosing the hosting service

  1. Easy installation of WordPress

2. Availability of c panel

3. Free domain name

4. Free ssl certificate

3. Price

4. customer support .

I have researched and seen that Bluehost is providing the lowest price, free domain name and all the criteria which are listed above till now and I am personally using Bluehost and I am enjoying and happy with there service, I didn’t face any problem with the Bluehost web hosting solution their customer care support  is also good as well.

They are running an offer of discount

Grab 70% discount Now

How to Start a Blog from Scratch in 2020? 1

Step 4: How to buy web hosting plan .

Domain Selection ? Done

Web Hosting Selection ? Done

Now we will proceed to buy so will show how to buy in Bluehost please refer to the screenshot below but if you are still planning to purchase in other good  hosting services  Hostgator, Siteground, then you can also do as well if you face any difficulty purchasing and setting up your blog you can contact us as well.

Sub Step 1– Head Over to then click on the get started Button.

Bluehost Homepage

Sub Step 2– If you are new to blogging i will suggest you to go for basic plan and as you start growing, Earning Good revenue then you can go for other pro plan as well.

bluehost price and plans

Sub Step 3– Now if You Already Have a Domain Name what i mean to say if you already have purchased domain then you can put your domain name on the second box or else you can go for new domain name which is absolutely free for 1 year.

set up your domain

Alternatively you can also skip the Domain purchase or domain setup for later in bluehost and you will get free credit to purchase domain name later that is great isn’t it.

start a blog

Sub Step 4– Now you need to Put all your account information and after putting your account information you need to select your package Option Which i will explain in next sub part.

start a blog

Sub Step 5: Now we talk about the Package information and package Extras so i will recommend you to purchase Bluehost web hosting for 3 yrs and the reason if you purchase 36 Months package then you will get it in a very low price.

And you can also remove the extras or add-ons if you are a newbie or planning to start a blog

Start a blog

Sub Step 6– Now Payment Is something Which I really really faced a problem why i am saying is because some bank card doesn’t allow international transaction so what i will suggest you is to you use Best Global Payment Service Provider Paypal if you don’t have an account in Paypal and Payoneer create account in the Platform. Now Put Your credit Card details and Click On the Submit button

Start a blog

Sub Step 7-Or alternatively you can simply click on the More Payment Option then you will get pay with PayPal option click that And hit the submit button.

start a blog in bluehost

Sub Step 8– Now you need to Login With Your Paypal Account to complete the Transaction.


Sub Step 9– You Just need to click on the Agree and continue button and that’s it you are good to go.

paypal transaction

Sub Step 10– Now Building Up Your Website Here is the dashboard of Bluehost

bluehost dashbaord
How to Start a Blog from Scratch in 2020? 2

You can also watch this Short Video as well but Please Note Video is in Hindi

Step 5: How to install WordPress into your blog

This Part is automated Once you are done buying hosting + domain name, Bluehost will automatically install the WordPress software on your domain name. cool isn’t.

Step 6: How to choose proper theme for your blog ?

You have completed all the steps now often newbies get confused about the selection of proper theme which theme can actually fulfill there requirement the few theme which I will suggest you are :

  1. first, go for free version theme if you are completely new and as you grow you can go for premium themes for the blog .
  2. I Always prefer themes which are light in weight, SEO friendly And Most important mobile friendly because you know the Mobile users are growing rapidly in the world.

So here are the best themes For Blogger which  you can use

  1. Hueman theme: This is the plugin which I use and its SEO and mobile friendly the power of customization is great as well and I didn’t face any problem using this theme.
  2. GeneratePress: This is quite a popular theme which is light in weight and many professional bloggers also use this theme. I will suggest you use this theme because this theme is very clean, simple and light. The drawback of the free version is that they don’t have great customization available in the free version but if you are a techy guy knows to code then you can have some changes in the theme.

Step 7: The necessary plugins you should install into your blog

I will list down the necessary plugins and 10 most important plugins for bloggers  which you should install and activate after you have installed the theme in your blog

Neccesary plugins:

  1. wpforms

2. jetpack

3. Short Pixel image compressor plugin

4. w3 super cache

5. Google xml sitemap

6. Yoast seo

7. Akismet

8. Add this

9. Monster Insights

10. Hubsot CRM

Step 7: The necessary page you should create ?

you know there are few pages which every website should have and that is common for every kind of website whether it is an personal Blog an NGO ,Business website etc

The most important pages you should have in your blog :

1.Home Page: This is the page where the users can come back to your main domain for example

2.About Us Page: This page will help users to know who you are what are the service and offerings you provide.

3. contact us page: this is the most important page where your subscribers and visitors can contact you if they have any queries, complaints etc .you can create your contact us page very easily with Wpforms. And I will help you in setting up this page.

4. Privacy Policy: In simple words, privacy policy means how an organization handles its customer, clients, employees information during its operation.

Most websites make their privacy policies available to site visitors and many website doest make because in some countries privacy page is compulsory and in some it’s not. A privacy page should specify any personally identifiable information that is gathered, such as name, address and debit card, credit card number, as well as other things like order history, browsing habits, uploads and downloads.  The policy should also explain if data may be left on a user’s computer, such as cookies. According to best practices, the policy should disclose if data may be shared with or sold to third parties and if so, what the purpose is.


6.Disclosure: In simple and short disclosure is something Which You Reveal your secrets, how you earn with your blog etc.

You can create this above pages directly In the Bluehost dashboard or you can create from the WordPress dashboard as well.

Step 8: How to submit your blog into search Engine’s

Now I believe that you have completed all the process step by step and you are ready and going to write your first blog post but don’t forget to submit your blog into Google search console, Bing Search Console, Yandex Search Console which will help you in getting free search traffic into your blog.

So if you don’t know how to submit your blog in search console Don’t Worry you can read here the step by step process on how to submit your blog.

So make sure to submit your blog to google before you post your first blog post

Step 9: How to write your first blog post ?

Now, this is where your blogging journey starts and All the Fun and learning Begins?

So before writing your first ever blog post and consider this below steps which I am going to share you :

  1. Always think and imagine that there is a person sitting in front of you or next to you and you are teaching him. Always use the tone you and I this helps in author-reader connection.
  2. Google loves the long article and when I am saying long article it means a long article of about 2000+ words. This article which you are reading right now is more than 3000+ words, Always try to make explanatory article and the minimum words which should  there in any article Is 500-700 words long don’t write articles below 500 words but Its not compulsory ,if you can explain a valuable topic  less than 500 words its fine not a problem .
  3. This is an important point which I am going to share with you. People like contents with visuals graphics, video’s and images so always try to add visuals graphics, images etc in your post and pages. You can create images on your own with canvas, Picmonkey or crello or you can Use this Following sites from where you can get copyright free or royalty free images.

NOTE: Don’t download any images from Google and use it in your blog you might get copyright Strike.

  • This step is very important and i.e the images visual effects which you are embedding or using in your post or pages might slow down your website which will drastically impact your SEO. so you should compress your images with best Image Optimization plugin for bloggers first and then embed in your post and then publish your article. I will suggest you few image compressor plugin and website from where you can compress your  blog post images

1.Smush Plugin

2.ShortPixel website or plugin: This Plugin is extremely good you get 100 images per month free to compress and if it exceeds you can purchase a really affordable pack which is really cheap.

5. Get social share of your Blog as much as you can

Step 10: How to monetize your blog ?

You can monetize your blog in different ways and the ways are listed below

(A) Advertisement:  Advertisement is something which new bloggers can use in their blog there are different advertisement solution which you can opt for.

1.Google adsense: if you want to apply for Google Adsense then don’t apply for Google Adsense immediately after creating your blog at least write 10-15 article, Create Your Important Pages then you should apply for Google Adsense or else your application might get rejected and as of now, there is no specified traffic required for getting approved so this is a great part of Google Adsense. IF you get really huge Traffic especially from Canada USA then you should apply for or else your application you get rejected.

3.Propeller Ads : This is something which I will recommend you there are some formats which you can apply for even if you have opened the blog  right now some formats have traffic requirement and some don’t  but again there is a negative part of propeller ads few ads formats are so annoying that your user might get distracted still if you wish you can try it .

(B) Affiliate marketing: It is something which is a king for many bloggers affiliate marketing is something which you get paid for referring and selling third-party products in your blog.

For Example:  Amazon affiliate program it’s a great program and the reason why I am saying it is great as because you also get paid for the products which you have not referred, you are promoting Lets say Apple iPhone 10 and someone had gone through your affiliate link of Apple iPhone 10 and after visiting the Amazon he or she had not bought iPhone 10 rather  your visitor had purchased Macbook air Now guess what? You get paid for MacBook Air! isn’t it interesting?

So if You Haven’t Setup yet  You first need to setup amazon affiliate associate and then you are good to go.

(C) Service: you can provide specific service if you are good at something for example if you are good at SEO you can sell your skills in the form of providing service.

(D) Sell Space: when you have Huge traffic in your blog you can rent space in your blog you can lease your space to someone to use it sound cool right yes it does!

And you can do many more things to monetize your blog

Congratulation !

Now take a cup of coffee and enjoy .Ask me why?

Because you have completed “ 1-Day Blogging Training for  free “.

Now what are you waiting for start a blog Now

How to Start a Blog from Scratch in 2020? 2

All the Best For Your Blogging Journey

Great Hope You Will visit this Blog Again and if you need any help in setting up your WordPress please contact us.

Cheers (:


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