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My Experience story

TubeBuddy the name itself suggest Its a Buddy Isn’t it, and you know Tubebuddy is really one of my best youtube  buddy I ever had now let me share my experience of using tubebuddy from the last 1 year approximately  and it had been a great experience with the tool  many one talks shit  that this tool will do magic for you but I don’t believe so but definitely it will help you out greatly, it helped me out greatly  getting many keyword suggestion and which ranked as well, ( so you later part of my article), That is the reason I am sharing the Tubebuddy Legend Review in the form of article

It helped me out promoting my specific video in the description of every video with a single click, it helped me In getting the competitor’s tags and many more. I didn’t expect this tool will help me out so much, They also have a tool where they appreciate you with a certificate after reaching Milestone.

 So no Buddy, friends, family appreciate you don’t worry this buddy i.e tubebuddy is always there to appreciate you (:   With their appreciation certificate.

This tool is so cool that I have mentioned in the first position of Best 5 keyword research tool for YouTube.

Now let me come into the

Feature of tube buddy Legend

Are You a Newbie? Don’t Worry They have tubebuddy free version as well

 Download tubebuddy Extension Now

Install Tubebuddy
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I will talk about each and every feature of tubebuddy in detail so we will start with the keyword explorer first

 Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer
Keyword Explorer

Don’t think tubebuddy is only the best keyword research tool for youtube but I believe its a Marketing tool as well you get whole different promotional material from tubebuddy as well which we will discuss later in this article.

    How Tubebuddy keyword explorer can optimize your Video 

 You need some keyword and tags to optimize your youtube video to get in youtube search result right so how will you know which keyword and tags are Good which keyword has huge search volume and low competition?

Google Keyword Planner is not going to solve that because google keyword planner data is for web searches. so want to test it on your own? Take a keyword, anything which comes in your mind and search it in Google keyword planner, search the same keyword in tubebuddy and compare the result it will be totally different.

Sometimes we discover keyword through general  sense and sometimes though we do brainstorming we unable to find excellent keywords so here where tubebuddy will help you by giving you :

  1. Unlimited keyword suggestion with their rank as well whether the keyword is Poor, Fair, Good, Very good, Excellent or not and with suggestion my few videos getting ranked in the search result as well.
  • It will help you find your competitors tag and moreover, you can copy the tags as well in a specific folder in tubebuddy.
  • You can Choose the best keyword bundles and copy that to a specific folder and then put in your videos (screenshot)
  • You can also have a brief idea what’s trending on youtube
TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer
TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer

Now let me discuss a every important  feature of Tubebuddy step by step

Data and insights

Health Report

In health report your going to get a brief detailed report of your youtube channel you are going to get the performance report of the last 30 days, the keyword for which your video’s ranked for, next your going to get engagement report of your youtube channel i.e the total no of share your video got, average watch time of your video in a single dashboard .

Health Report
Health Report

In the audience section, you can see the demographics, which devices your video is watched from and region i.e from which location your traffic is coming from.

Retention Analyzer

This feature is great you can analyse how many minutes is watched by how many percentages of the audience, this is a great tool to analyse which is performing really well and which is not.

Best Ways to Utilize Tubebuddy Legend Review 2021 1
Retention Analyzer

Launch Pad

This tool is great in Tubebuddy in general aspect as well in SEO prospect do you know why?

Just put a video and see the magic this tool will audit your video and will tell you the best practices you have done and the things you need to improve.

For example One of my videos was ranking in search with few keywords and surprisingly that keyword was not here in my tag list and Tubebuddy is suggesting me to put that tags in my video. Please Look at the screenshot below.

Launch Pad
Launch Pad

Keyword rank tracking

Want to know the ranking of your keywords ?  just put the keywords which is relevant to your channel and you can check the ranking of the keywords in youtube search.

Let me show you How

For example: Search My Channel name “Vidyaa” and it will show you  where it ranks Proudly I say it ranks On 1 position (:   (screenshot)

Vidyaa Rank
Proudly Rank 1


Competitor Management
Competitor Management

  You can manage your competitor what I mean to say is you can just put the URL of your competitor and whenever he/she uploads a new video you will get notified with Your choice of communication ie through Email, Tb Notification, Text message. Please refer to the screenshot above.


 You can also compare your results with your competitors as well in the scoreboard section and can analyze your results

Brand Alerts

Now you want to know that anyone is making videos for your channel or not? Anyone is giving any review for your product and services or not?

You can simply create brand alerts, For Example, my brand name is Vidyaa and if I setup brand alert for vidyaa and suppose you made a video on vidyaa I will get notified and thus I can give thanks to you isn’t itgreat !

I just loved it (:

A/B Test

A/B Test In tubebuddy
A/B Test In Tubebuddy

You can also manage A/B test for your video , DO you know what A/B test is ? If You know Please comment yes else no in the comment section below.

Ab test is meant for the performance of the same video/article with different strategies, to find out how variations to your Title, Tags, Description and Thumbnail affect video performance.

You can Do with your video as well

Backup and exports

TubeBuddy Backup and Export
TubeBuddy Backup and Export

Want to get all your videos information ie. Video id, video title, description, tags, Video URL, likes, comments, share and every detail? So you just need to Start New backup and download the CSV file 

Isit it amazing !

I love this feature too

Promo materials

Tubebuddy Promo Material
Tubebuddy Promo Material

In promo materials, you will get the link of each and every element of your youtube channel you will get the URL of channel art, Most recent upload, most popular upload and many more.


This is where you can fully control and setup Tubebuddy tool according to your choice and preference

You can also make any specific person control your YouTube channel you just need to Put His/her name and email address.


Tubebuddy Social Linking

You can also Integrate your social media accounts with Tubebuddy you just need to link your accounts and its doest end here you also get perks.

Member perks

With a paid license from tubebuddy  you get different  perks free Such as

  1. Access to Tubebuddy mobile app, 
  2. 250,000 Premium Royalty-Free Music Tracks & Sound Effects By audio here.
  3. Free Collaboration with collab space If you have at least 500 subscriber
  4. Get Sample pack OF Youtube starter kit
  5. Stock footage and graphics from tuber tools

Screenshot Below will help you out with complete information of member perks below.

TubeBuddy Member Perks
TubeBuddy Member Perks

Download the Tubebuddy Extension For free

Youtube analytics

Lastly, Before ending the article, I would like you to know about one more interesting thing about the tubebuddy legend and that is The competitor analytics you can view live stats of your competitor you can also check the live subscriber count. isn’t it great it’s really awesome (:

New Features Of TubeBuddy

So in this section I will update the new feature of tube buddy which has added or removed what I will recommend you is to bookmark this page and you will never miss any update or feature from tube buddy when I have done and written the tube buddy review I always promised myself that I will always need to give an honest review of tube buddy.

So below you will get new feature of tubebuddy and also new tubebuddy feature review.

SEO Studio

So In SEO Studio, you can make all the SEO related pieces of stuff for your youtube video and you can score from 0 – 100 in the SEO Studio let me show you how it works.

Head over to SEO Studio in the tube buddy dashboard and then the SEO studio dashboard will open up where now you can work on your youtube video SEO.

SEO Studio

 #1 What You need to do is put your target keywords in the title and then you need to click on the start button. See below the screenshot for a better understanding.

SEO studio beta

#2 Then You will see there is a total of 4 steps to complete your SEO first of all you see title and description then you will see tags option where you need to add your tags and then you need to add the thumbnail after adding the thumbnail you will see the preview of your video how it will look on youtube and the last option is Applying in the video.

#3 After Adding Title Description and Tags Which is really easy to do then you need to upload your thumbnail and I will show you how please refer to the below screenshot.

tubebuddy legend review

#4 Last Option is to apply to video but here you will get no option to apply in your video you can save your work as a save draft option later you can apply your SEO optimization when you upload a video that time you don’t need to add title tags description and thumbnail you can apply the SEO optimization.

tubebuddy review

#5 Now I will show you how you can apply the SEO optimization directly in your video and you can do that when you are uploading a video. Just you need to click on the tube buddy icon then you need to click on the apply existing optimization and then finally click on the apply button. Please refer to the screenshot below for better understanding.

review of tubebuddy

If I speak frankly you can use this new feature of tube buddy as a productivity tool it can organize your SEO work but to be very frank this feature will nowhere help in your SEO optimization. Overall it’s a Good feature.


If you are a blogger, youtube creator you must have tube buddy as your buddy in chrome, Mozilla browser as an extension (:     A great free SEO tool rather I will say it a marketing tool for video creators

I promote this tool greatly for its power-packed feature and its ease of use interface I hope they will improvise this tool in the future with more power-packed features.

For a newbie, it’s really hard to Purchase the Tubebuddy premium or legend version but don’t worry Tubebuddy Free extension will also provide you with some really cool feature as well.

I have also listed Tubebudy in the best 20 google chrome extension for blogger and 5 best keyword research tool for youtube and out of best 5 I have kept this Tubebuddy in rank 1 for Especially youtube crafted tool and for the awesome feature as well.

Install Tubebuddy

Let me know in the comment section below whether the article helped you out or not

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