How Website Speed Test Can Help You Rank Higher On Google?

website speed test
How to check your website speed

My Experience Story

When I started blogging I was not aware of what speed test really means and that is the reason I write many articles which I really think will give value to the newbie blogger and I also try to convert my problem’s which I had faced into an article I don’t want you, people, to face a similar problem which I had faced, many questions arrived when I was thinking about website speed test and I will let you know what is the question which was playing with my minds and answer behind that, I hope this is the question which every newbie blogger also had

 How does page speed impact our blog

You know what page speed really impacts our blog to a huge extent now you might ask me how?

A. The first reason I would like you to know is if your page is really really slow then user or visitors are going to leave your page and finally that hampers your brand image

B. This is the most important point which I am going to share with you and this is you know google punishes the blog and website which is slow or takes much time to load its website and again you might ask me another question.

How Website Speed Test Can Help You Rank Higher On Google? 2How Website Speed Test Can Help You Rank Higher On Google? 3SEMrush

How does google punish website with slow page speed

It impacts your SEO score Google ranks the blog or website lower with slow page speed and yes its true speed is also a really important factor of SEO so in order to make your SEO rank high you also need to work on website speed.

How To check your website speed

Now I am going to share with you the best 5 websites where you can anylyze your blog speed.

Note: Page speed can vary and you can get a different score on the different website because the audit parameter is different from each other.

4 best website to check your page speed

Page speed Insights

Google  speed insights
Google speed insights

This is probably the best place to check your website speed, google speed test is developed and owned by Google itself google page speed is going to give you an in-depth report of your blog page speed it’s generally doing a page audit or website audit.

Now what are insights you are going to get in Google insights

  1. Score out of 100

Now if you have a score of 0-49 that means your page speed is poor if you have 50-89 your page speed is average and 90-100 is considered good.

Now if you look at my website you can find that my score is average and I need to work on the things which is not passed on the audits , now the good thing about page speed insights  is that your going to get he insights as well and probably there some things you can work in your own or else you need to send the developer to work for you.


GTmetrix Website Speed Checker
GTmetrix Website Speed Checker

It is is one of my most favourite tool for speed test and the reason is it gives more in-depth audit details of your blog and report is easy to understand well, it gives more feature as well for example

  1. You can compare your website with your competitor’s website .3
  2.  GTmetrix can be scheduled to analyze your page on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. And Get a visual trend report of your page performance
  3. You can also setup up an alert in gtmetrix and if your site speed falls below your defined criteria then you will be notified via email as well.


Pingdom Website Speed Checker
Pingdom Website Speed Checker

It is also a good tool to analyze your website speed, Pingdom also provides depth report of your website .you will get to know the things which are fine and the elements which need to be improved.

Pingdom analyze your

A page speed score

B page load time

C page size

A good tool to analyze the speed of your website


Its is also an free tool where you can get the quality and performance report of your website

In dareboost you will find the issue of your blog which needs to be fixed up, b you will get to know what are the improvements you can make in your website the things which are a success – means the things which are proper and you don’t need to worry about that thing which have been passed.


Uptrends Website Speed Checker
Uptrends Website Speed Checker

Now, uptrends is also a detailed website speed checker but what I don’t like is their result is little complicated or you can say complex and as a non-techy guy you might face some difficulty understanding it But few things can be understood by you.

Now they have there Premium Feature as well which is paid version but you can opt for a free 30-day trial

Now in Uptrend apart from website speed checker, you can also :

1.Monitor your website

2.Uptime check


4.DNS report

How Website Speed Test Can Help You Rank Higher On Google? 4How Website Speed Test Can Help You Rank Higher On Google? 3SEMrush


There are many free as well as paid website speed test but what I will suggest you don’t go for many website speed checker tools what you can do is you can check the speed of your website with first 3 tools i.e Page insights by Google, Gtmetrix and Pingdom this the free, best reliable user friendly, detailed and easy to understand website speed checker so with this tool you can identify the issue which is really readable and the detailed report can help to optimize your speed score .

This 3 tool is also Best and popular as well which is recommended by Pro bloggers, This tool is being used by many bloggers as well as many companies.

So if you have any queries any doubt you can reach out to us in the contact form or you can chat with us as well.

Let me know in the comment section below which website speed checker tool you are using and why?

I really will love and appreciate if you comment below

Cheers (:


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