What Is SEO-An Beginner Guide To Search Engine Optimization

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO-An Beginner Guide To Search Engine Optimization

Before We go to the topic what is SEO first and foremost important thing before starting the topic is you should have a blog to learn and implement the things in your blog SEO is not only about learning it’s about implementing and testing different methods and tactics. SEO simply stands for 1. Search engine Optimizer: 2.Search engine optimization which simply means getting free organic traffic from search engine now you might ask what is a search engine so the search engine is the platform where we search for information, queries and anything you and i can imagine of. The well-Known Search engine is Google search engine which is owned by Google, Yahoo Search engine owned by yahoo and bing search engine owned by Microsoft so this search engine which i am talking about is gaint and is very very popular worldwide.

Now there are many popular local search engine as well which is very popular in specific countries, for example, Baidu is a search engine which is very popular in the there native language at china, Yandex is popular at Russia, Naver in South Korea.

search engine

Three key players of SEO-Search Engine Optimization are:

  1. User: Users is you and me and the people worldwide who search for Getting information and queries resolved just by putting the keywords in the search engine and you get tons of result in a second. now keywords is a very important topic which i will talk in this later part of the article.
  2. Search Engine: The platform where you search your query i already discussed this above as well.
  3. Search engine optimization/optimizer: are focused on influencing organic search ranking.

How Search Engine Works

Now i am pretty sure you have understood the basic of what is SEO from the above paragraph now i will let you know how search engine works frankly speaking SEO is somehow complex if you look it complex and it is easy if you take it easy my objective through blogging is always to educate you in the simple and simplest way possible.

simply when you search something in google or any other search engine platform the google crawler or bot scrolls through millions of pages and then store the data in the server and then search engine algorithm extract signals to find out the best information on the internet on a given search query.

You can also go through an awesome brief animated article from Google on how search works.

Now search engine optimization or SEO can simply be broadly classified in 2 categories

Types of SEO- In terms of ranking webpages

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO

Now on page SEO comprises of following factors and i will explain every factor one by one.

On-Page Seo

  1. Title tags and meta description
  2. Header tags
  3. URLs
  4. Image alt text
  5. Internal links
  6. Keywords
  7. Sitemaps.

Title tags and meta description

Title tag-what is SEO

This simply the headline you see before you actually go to a post or a website.

Meta Description

Meta description -what is seo

The above screenshot is an example of meta description which means the detailed sentences what exactly you are going to get in the post.

Header Tags- What is SEO

What Is SEO-An Beginner Guide To Search Engine Optimization 1

Header tags Break article or information of a page or a post in a hierarchical order. Starting with H1 which specifies the main purpose of the page following with H2, H3 And H4 subcategories.


URLs-what is seo

Uniform Resource Locator or URLs is the address of web document, pages and post which can be either in text pdfs and images or others.

URLs are important for relevancy and should contain the keywords you want to rank for.

in terms of search engine optimization, you should add a relevant keyword in the URLs so that it can get a chance to rank.

Alt text

Alt text stands for the alternative text we use alt text to make recognize an image in the search engine optimization and the reason is computers cannot see images so search engine uses alt text to derive meaning from the image. its simply describe the images in words.

Internal Links-What is SEO

Internal Links-What is SEO

An internal link is a link which takes you from one page to another, one post to another post within your website itself.

It helps search engine and the users understand the section of your website.

internal links

The above screenshot is an example of internal links in a post so if someone clicks on the link so they will be redirected to another post or pages or section of your website it is great for on-page SEO.


Keywords-what is seo

Keywords are phrases, words, or sentences which we use to get the relevant information from the search engine, for example, you might get this post in google search engine by searching “what is SEO” or the relevant keywords like “search engine optimization meaning” or simply by typing “SEO” and many related keywords.

When a search engine crawls our website it uses the “Natural Language Processing” to extract the meaning from our website copy. The search engine looks for keywords and their context as well.


HTML sitemaps: This is meant for us i.e human beings it shows the major section and hierarchy of your website.

XML sitemaps: These are meant for bots and crawlers of search engine and exist in the backend they show the search engine the hierarchy and priority of each URLs

Off-Page SEO- What is SEO

The term off-page itself defines that the search engine optimization simply SEO which we do outside of our page as i have discussed above on various factors of on-page SEO which we need to do within the page similarly in off-page SEO we need to work outside of the page or website and i will let you know-how.

Factors of Off-Page SEO

  1. Link Building
  2. Social Media Marketing

Link Building/Backlinks

Link Building is really complicated and time-consuming and hard as well, but as i always if you think and take it easy so it really becomes easy and if you think it’s complicated then it’s complicated. Now let me come straight to link building is something which you need to outside of your website it basically getting links from other website or blogs. As we discussed about internal links above which we used to link to a blog post or page of our own website from different post it’s also same as internal link building but only difference is you need to get it from other website or blog so there are different methods of link building and these methods are as follows:

Different Method Of Link Buildings

  1. Approach For Backlinks: you need to have a blog before you approach for backlinks so you can ask your friends, relatives, colleague, partner or similar niche blogger to build a link back to your blog or website make sure to have an awesome piece of content before you approach someone for backlink because if you don’t give value from your content then no one will link back to your blog. if you think your content is going to give value mail and approach the people. it will work.

2. Review Products and services: This is something which i have a good personal experience as well. let me tell you my experience if you don’t know i have a youtube channel also so i use a keyword research tool for youtube named Tubebuddy and i decided to review the tool tube buddy and i have written a detailed about the tool and i have posted that article in their tubebloogy forum and i was surprised and were really happy that the company had loved my article so much that they have invited me for guest blogging and they have given me their tool for free for lifetime.

And While Guest blogging i have given them an article and i have created backlink from them this way you can also reach and have backlinks from your own.

3. Build Relationship: For building backlinks, you need to build a relationship as well you can do that by creating a forum, blogs or social groups, for example, SEO expert group let say.

start providing relevant information, actively participate in the group, comment etc this way you can earn a good relationship.

4. Write A Good Blog Post: There are many companies, websites or blogs that accept guest blogging and will accept to publish your article but make sure that :

  1. the website or blog is relevant to your topic or niche
  2. The article shouldn’t be promoting yourself or your blog
  3. SHould focus on the quality of your blog and not quantity.

These are some few and easy ways to get backlinks but the there advanced technique of getting backlink as well.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a part of off-page SEO because you also get backlinks from social media but they all are “no follow” backlinks there are two types of backlink one is follow and other is no follow backlink so follow backlink plays a huge role in ranking your blog or website as compared to no-follow backlink. but it doesn’t mean nofollow backlink doesn’t play any role.


so this is what is SEO means in simple language this article is a beginner-friendly guide to SEO search engine optimization so if read this guide thoroughly implement all and every step in your blog if you haven’t started a blog i will suggest you start a blog now and practice as many things as possible. If you want to make a career in digital marketing make sure to learn SEO-what is SEO, link building tactics thoroughly because search engine optimization or SEO is a huge and important part of digital marketing.

i hope this article has given you the basic knowledge of Search engine optimization SEO.



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