Why You Will Never Succeed In Marketing ?

Why You Will Never Succeed In Marketing ?

Why You Will Never Succeed In Marketing ?: When it comes to marketing we ignore marketing and the reason why I am saying this to you is that we don’t understand marketing or we don’t want to understand the fundamentals of marketing by saying oh it’s just fundamental isn’t it?

This is the reason why I have named the title of the article “Why You Will Never Succeed In Marketing”

Unless and Until you don’t have a deeper understanding of marketing “You Will Never Succeed In Marketing” and in order to get success in marketing you must know 5 important and different concepts of marketing and there are as follows

#1. Fundamentals Of Marketing

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product and services fit him and sells itself. The aim of marketing is to make selling superflows

By Peter Drucker
  • Marketing is based on science and not creativity
  • Marketing is knowing and understanding the “needs and demands of poeple and then fulfilling them through product and services”

Many people even highly educated people when ask me what I have done, which field you are into?

Do you know what they reply?

They simply say me Oh that means you to door to door sales

So what I mean to say is there is a misconception and that is many people think Marketing=Selling but that is not true selling is a part of marketing, it is also about keeping an existing customer happy by communicating with them so that they can remain a customer for life

  • Marketing is about keeping existing customer happy
  • Marketing is and should be customer oriented and not product oreinted

Let me walk through with a Mini Case 1.1

#1.1 How Product Concept and Marketing Myopia Killed Kodak

Although its a detailed case study for which I will share the detailed case study for the same for now I will just share in short “How Product Concept and Marketing Myopia Killed Kodak”

Mini Case 1.1 

Kodak showed product concept does not make good marketing, Companies voting for the product connect And suffering from marketing myopia think that as they offer a well designed and well-engineered product they carry out good marketing, they fail to finpd out which the consumers actually need and fail to appreciate that the rule of the game could get altered any time. Kodak has started with a simple promise to consumers "You Click The Button and We Do The Rest" and for decades it worked very well. Then came the digital wave and canon and the slogan got turned "You Click The Button And You Do The Rest". Kodak lost its very differentiation. Kodak's failure happened as the result of its inability to contemporise its product offering in tune with the changing technology and the changing consumer's needs.

I hope I have made clear about the fundamentals of marketing, I will recommend your o go twice to have a better clarity

Now let’s move to the next important concept of traditional vs digital marketing

#2. Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

  • Deals With customers indirectly; sells to them indirectly remain content with one way messages from the firm to the market
  • Conventional or traditional marketing i a one way activit to a large extent.
  • The ROI in case of conventional marketing cannot be immediatly tracked
  • Cannot be customised it is a mass marketing as you cannot custose the ads in terms of gender,age , interest etc.
  • Deals with customer directly and sells to them directly.
  • DM is interactive marketing with two way communication between the firm and each and every customer with forms like online marketing real time interaction between customer has become common things
  • Digital Marketing ROI can be tracked on real time basis
  • The magic part of Digital Marketing is you can make your owned imagination bike into reality. What i mean to say is you can customise it in any possible way yo think i.e in terms of Reach,Age, Gender, Interest, Demographics, etc

#3. The CATT Marketing Funnel

Why You Will Never Succeed In Marketing ? 1

Once you have understood the concept of marketing and digital Marketing its time for you to know your niche

Content: Create useful content and informational content that attracts people from your niche, Blogposts, Videos, Lead magnets, Live webinars etc.

Attention: Drive attention (Traffic) to your content using SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads and Referrals

Trust: Build Trust with your audience with tripwires marketing automation and retargeting

Transaction: Convert your leads into customers with a natural sealed method

#4. The Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

Why You Will Never Succeed In Marketing ? 2
When you combine and integrate different parameters and ways of digital marketing which ultimately results in effective sales and conversion is known as Integrated Digital Marketing

Now let’s talk about the opposite part of the scenario

  • People do SEO and they expects sells and conversion but nothing happens effectively
  • People say Social Media People dont purchase
  • People do Googls Ads Facebook Ads nothing happens
  • Some people collects some emails ids and they expect sells to be happen but ultimately nothing happens

Now you might ask how this integrated digital marketing comes into play or how to implement “The Integrated Digital Marketing Framework”

Let me explain to you How you can do the same

So instead of directly selling your product or services what you can do is you can run ads to your free content

No content can be your Blog Post, Podcast, Youtube Videos and in this way, you can get people in your email list first. so instead of directly selling or doing transactions get them into your email list first. Whenever you publish a new blog you can send it to the entire email list and people will come back to your content. then you will get the content listed on the search engine, people might come through search which ultimately will help you with SEO as the search engines will get signals.

Same with social media when you share your content on social media people will come to your content and if they like they will share the same and new people will come to your content and it will go on.

What Is Personal Branding ?

Personel Branding is itself a broad topic and will write a dedicated and in-depth article regarding the same but right now I will walk through you with “What Is Personal Branding”

Personel Branding Is Simply Positioning Yourself as an Authority of Your Respective Industry or Niche Through Creating and Influencing Public Perception

By Kazi Noor Alam

In order to influence public perception, your personnel brand statement has to be strong, descriptive, short, understandable, catchy at the same time.

As I am a content creator I have more than 2400 subscribers on my youtube channel and somehow I can position myself as an authority to complete beginners and I can position myself as “I Help People To Get Started With Their Youtube Channel”.

Another strong example of personnel branding is “Digital Deepak” he has made himself so strong in personnel branding that if he leaves his company which is Learn Today.Com” I believe the company will break down because people trust “Digital Deepak” more than “Learn Today”.And if people are believing “LearnToday.com” it’s all because of personnel Branding of “Digital Deepak”. On the other hand the only negative point which I know about personnel branding is it is not “Saleable” what I mean to say is you cannot sell personnel brand. Digital Deepak Cannot be sold out whereas LearnToday can be sold.

So I hope you have loved and enjoyed this content if you found the piece article valuable Please comment down below


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