How YouTube Studio Beta Can Help You Predict the Future

YouTube studio beta

What is Youtube studio beta

So Youtube Studio beta is an outstanding tool or you can say part of a youtube. Basically it is an Analytics tool for a youtube channel so you can track every possible thing for your youtube channel whether it can be your subscriber count, the traffic source from where you are getting your views and many which i will cover in detail in the latter part of this article.

Youtube studio beta is an Beautiful, Easy To Use and navigate full packed dashboard for your youtube channel you can see latest uploads, Top Performing video, Youtube News, Analytics and many more so Youtube studio beta is an Improvised Analytical tool and a channel management tool of a Youtube Channel The Youtube analytical tool was first known as Youtube studio classic now it had changed to Youtube studio beta so if you are not familiar with youtube studio beta so don’t worry I am here to help you out. i Am going to cover in details each and everything related to youtube studio beta.

Youtube studio beta

Now I will touch and explain the feature of youtube studio beta One by one and will help you out to take the full advantage over it.

So from the left side of your youtube studio beta, you can see all your videos and latest uploads. you can see the views, likes vs dislikes, comment, Published date of all your video’s in a single can also Edit your title and description, can promote your video, get sharable link can download your video or delete it if you want.

Youtube studio

We have simply Gone through the dashboard, Video tab section now we will move to the analytics part of the studio beta

YouTube Studio Beta Analytics

From Youtube studio beta you can see your in-depth channel analytics and believe me the youtube studio beta analytics will really help you out in understanding and forecasting.

Channel anylytics

After clicking on the analytics tab the channel analytics will open up which will show you each and everything you want t know about your channel, from this dashboard you can see the views, watch time subscriber count your estimate revenue of any particular date or custom date you want.

Now if you want to see more detailed analytics of your channel then just simply click on the see more button and see the magic.

Studio beta analytics

From the above screenshot, you can easily understand how in-depth and detailed analytics you are going to get for your youtube channel and trust me, people, it’s really really easy and so deeper and simple to understand as well.

Now i am going to touch every parameter of the channel analytics one by one

Traffic source

How YouTube Studio Beta Can Help You Predict the Future 1

in traffic source, you are going to know from where your traffic is coming from, which traffic source is giving you more Impression, views, watch time and then you can plan for your upcoming video accordingly the traffic source which is giving you more view and watch time will be listed above. from the screenshot above you can see i am getting more impression, views and watch time from youtube search and the interesting part is when you will click the youtube search button further you are going to get a whole lot of keywords which brings your youtube channel videos in search results.

nowhere I would like you to concentrate and notice that the keywords which your videos are ranking for may be unique keywords and here i would like you to notice one thing that there are many keywords you will see is not there in your video. now what you can do and implement is take those and put in your videos.


Now, this whole lot keyword above which is ranking for is of all videos, now if you want the keywords for your specific videos you simply just need to click on the particular video tab.


youtube analytics geography

You can also see from which country your traffic is coming i.e you can see from which country the percentage of watch time, views are coming more as compared to other countries and then you can plan accordingly so you can analyze many things and act and work accordingly to it.

Viewer Age

youtube analytics viewer age

The age of your viewer can also be seen from youtube studio beta i think the analytics of youtube studio beta is incredible. What you can do from here is you can study the physiology of your audience age and act and work accordingly to it.

For example, almost 45 % of my audience age is from 25-34 so what i can do is i can study this age group what they like and love and then i act accordingly to it isn’t

Viewer Gender

studio beta analytics viewer gender

Viewer Gender can also be seen from youtube studio beta from this dashboard you can see the male audience is huge as compared to female audience.

Subscription Status

studio beta analytics subscription status

From Here you can analyse 2 things no 1. watch time you got from your subscriber and non-subcriber so here we can analyse one thing that the majority of the watch time we are getting is from non-susbcriber so what’s the reason the non-subscriber is not subscribing we need to analyse it isn’t it.


Youtube studio beta Other feature

There are a whole lot of things you can see and analyse from youtube studio beta.

Channel Comments

Youtube studio beta Other feature

From here you can manage all comments for your channel all the comments under public tab is live and everyone can see the comments. so you can like, unlike, give a heart or can simply reply to the comment as well. There are many comments from your subscriber which goes to the likely spam section if youtube found any comments with self-promotion or spam so the comment automatically goes under likely spam, But if you think there are some comments which do not spam then you can approve the comment as well.

How YouTube Studio Beta Can Help You Predict the Future 2

If you think a proper and good comment has gone to spam section you can approve it anytime the above screenshot will help you on how to do it. you can also delete the comment, Flag it or can hide the user from your channel as well.

Channel Subtitle

How YouTube Studio Beta Can Help You Predict the Future 3

So from the above picture, you can clearly understand what channel subtitle or subtitle means its simple words and sentences which comes along with the video. channel subtitle is very important and you might ask me how?

Let suppose you have a youtube channel and your audio is in Hindi now you want your video to be watched globally now it’s obvious that everyone doesn’t understand Hindi isn’t it so what you can do is you can add English subtitles so that people at least get a reason to watch your video.

Now you can add subtitle from youtube studio beta in 3 ways:

  1. You can upload an audio file if you have already had:
youtube studio beta -add language
  1. You can Type manually for your video in youtube studio beta
  2. You can enable community contribution by clicking on the Turn On button.
community contribution- youtube studio beta

This is how you can add or modify channel subtitle.


YouTube monetisation-Youtube studio beta

Now finally the most awaited part in youtube studio beta is the youtube monetisation so if you don’t know let me tell you that to be eligible for youtube partner program you need to have minimum 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hrs in 1 yrs so here many people usually get confused that if they don’t fulfil 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hrs then they will be ineligible for youtube monetisation and their channel will be terminated.

so let me tell you that this totally a myth. what youtube says is let me give you an example if you can see from the above screenshot i have completed 879 subscriber and 613 watch hrs and my youtube channel is from more than 1 yrs now i have not fulfilled the minimum criteria but it doesn’t mean that i am ineligible for youtube monetization it means again i will get 1 yrs to fulfil the minimum criteria and it will continue. so this is what exactly means.

Audio Libary- Copyright free/Royalty free music

Audio library- Youtube studio beta

Youtube also provides tonnes of copyright and royalty-free music and sound effects for creators so you can embed any music you want in your video simply you can get it by going to youtube studio beta and ay download any music you like below is the dashboard of the music list.

copyright free music

Channel setting- Youtube studio beta

channel setting- YouTube studio beta

Finally, i will end up this article by letting you know how can you have a proper youtube channel setting.

Channel- Basic info

channel setting- basic info

From the basic info what you can do is you can put all those keywords which are related to your channel, for example, my channel is related to blogging and digital marketing so if u can see above screenshot i have given all those keywords similarly you can do the same.

if your channel is related to gardening then you can give all those keywords which are related to your channel gardening, for example, you can give “Balcony gardening” “terrace gardening” “bonsai plants” and many more. so this is what exactly you should do.

Advanced setting- Youtube studio beta

advanced setting- YouTube studio beta

From the advanced setting in youtube studio beta, you can link your google ads account which can help you in remarketing if you are running any ads for your youtube channel you can also do customize setting for your youtube channel from the other channel setting as well.

Branding- Youtube studio beta

branding- YouTube studio beta

Simply here you can add your brand or your youtube channel logo in the video’s you can show your brand logo at the end of the video- where your brand logo will show up in the last 15 seconds of the video, you can custom your start time or you can show your brand logo in the entire video’s.

moreover, remove or replace our brand logo as well from this section.

Upload default-Youtube studio beta

upload default-YouTube studio beta

Every time you upload a video you need to give a title, description and tags but from this above option, you can give your default title or description you want every time you upload a video the description will come automatically and then if you want to put something additional you can put that as well.

Upload Default advanced setting

How YouTube Studio Beta Can Help You Predict the Future 4

From the advanced setting, you can choose the license for your youtube channel video, you can choose your channel category and many more.

Community-studio beta

community-studio beta

From the last 2 sections, you can simply add editors- who can add, remove and edit any videos he/she wants, managers- who can add, remove and edit any videos he/she wants and also have the power to delete the youtube channel as well, moderators-who can add remove or hide any comments – simply who can filter comments.

So this all about studio beta.


Simply if i conclude youtube studio beta is far far better, smoother, easy to understand, easy to navigate if you don’t know let me tell you the previous version was known as youtube studio classic which was somehow complicated the analytics part was difficult to understand for normal users but i would say youtube has done a brilliant job by updating the studio and i would say the new studio beta is a game-changer for the YouTubers.

Moreover, the Analytical Part in the new Youtube studio beta is really easy to understand and can help you to improve and develop and enhance your youtube channel more effectively.

so its time to move to Youtube studio beta.

If have any query feel free to comment below.



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